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How many articles should you publish everyday?

Freelance writing comes as a very big challenge for many writers. Because, there is a need to put extra efforts in publishing online.  It may take a long time in collecting the info or to research on the topic. But you should never give up writing. Because it keeps your writing abilities and skills in tune.

I start off writing in a random process, but I keep my article writing titles ready before the day. I also have a lust of sub-heads to write fast.  Having little tips will help to write fast and it works on concept and presentation in writing clearly.

Write fast !

If you wish to write fast, there are three important tools to follow.

1. Practice good typing speed
2. Good grammar to write fast
3. Proof-read

Writers who read and gain are very successful.  The best tip to follow is to write more and write regularly. I practice a lot of writing and there were times, where I used to manage client's work as well my self-publishing work. Writing practice will also make you a self-crit…

How a well-written article receives comments?

Online articles are a lot of help for many readers who read online for many purposes. So as an article writer, you share a bigger responsibility to produce quality content. While there are already thousands of articles online are providing good and interesting content, the scope for article writing ideas never ends, and you can generate more number of quality articles online and offer a good service to your audience.

Take a break on regular topics

Try to work on a different article writing idea, as it will have less competition to display your article easily. This will give more scope for more comments about your article.

The ingredients / checklist of a good article

A good article has a checklist of all the sub-heads to include quality information. Never work on an article in a random way, but just make sure that you have researched on the article writing idea to develop quality article online to publish. In fact, the more details you provide, the better is your article. Your articl…

How to write a good article on your blog?

A good article is not only interesting to read, but it has much informative content that is worth knowing. As a freelance writer, the process of writing is never ending and all that you do is to keep the practice of writing on and on everyday. As you work for your clients, the habit of publishing an article online, will allow you to gain proficiency in writing skills and it also keeps you ahead of other freelance writers. While new articles get published every minute, it is time to do some good hard work and write your article that instantly gets more views and quite a number of comments.
Check your article at least three times, before you publish on your blog. Always go by your niche and never deviate from the topic of your blog. My blog is all about good article writing. So I publish articles about article writing, SEO tips and all about writing and publishing articles online.  My blog has 140 blog posts and currently my blog gets at least 450 views per day and some times, the view…