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What to know, if you wish to be a freelance writer - Part II

There are many questions asked by employers before they select you. Some of these questions are as follows. While applying for every job online, there are essentially three requirements and these are, your resume, sample work and commercials.

Your resume must be very brief and highlight your key skills. For example, if you are good at article writing, you should specify the sample work and preferably your blog. You can also share a link of published articles online.

The question here would be, whether your sample work will be able to satisfy your employer. To this extent, you should work on your articles to give them accurate input and data. True that with stiff competition online, finding a writing job has become not only hard, but harder and hardest.

This necessitates that your writing skills should be exceptionally good and quite challenging. To gain expertise in writing, you need to have at least 500 pages or more published articles / blog posts online. If you have your own blog…