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2016 Article Writing Market Trends in Favor of an Article Writer

A good article expands your knowledge and provides useful sources to help you move towards growth. Whenever you browse and search with a particular keyword in Google search bar, it is most common practice is click on the first five links with the fact that you wish to have accurate, reliable and effectively written information.
There is vast content online and sometimes,  you are confused as to how many links you need to collect information. Because you want the latest and most closely working content that helps you.

A Good Article has the following:

- Latest data and descriptive analysis
- Details why, where, what, when and how
- Lists useful tips and a guideline to move ahead
- Data that is relevant while clearly stating the facts
- Clarifies doubts and describes how it works
- Focuses on advantages and benefits
- Sources to refer and read
- Background data with an emphasis on its importance
- Compels to share it and allows you to like the article on social media
- Decisive CTA that sets a c…