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7 Points for a career in content writing

Online selling and marketing has tripled the need for content writing. How to get traffic and sell is most common search for every business. There is search for content writers, content marketers, content strategists, bloggers, article writers , social media experts and digital marketing experts in many freelance job websites. Some of the job sites are:


Create your profile and get alerts for jobs. Submit a cover letter for every job match and submit samples.


Require exclusive writing skills and must have a lot of experience to win contracts. If successful, you can earn very well.


Contracts will be very unique and if jobs are matching with your profile, you are likely to win a contract.

Freelance writing jobs

A very popular and reputed source to win writing jobs. Excellent writing skills are required to write effectively.


A marketplace for a variety of writing jobs. It is ideal to have 100% profile and details of portfolio to convince clients to offer you c…