An Overview of SEO & SEM Implementation for Your Small Business


Did you notice the daily traffic on the way to office? You feel you are getting late in due to many vehicles before you.  Did you know why you are held in traffic? You got it right, many car owners are already waiting ahead of you to make their way to office.  Frankly, there's no alternative to this. You got to wait until the way clears. Why am I talking about road traffic here? The reason is, you cannot drive business alone. You need to go with the others.  You need people to work for you. On the other side, did you see - traffic is waiting in their lines. Once the traffic light turns green, everyone moves.

It's the same principle for search engine marketing. You need to drive through the principles of digital marketing, applying various marketing techniques and strategies to make it work. There's only one way - for making it work. That is to apply content marketing strategy and choose a formula that works for your business.

So, why there are so many rigid procedures for taking off your online business? The fact is, just as you sit in your car, no one can see you until you open the car door to pull out yourself. It's the same scenario in online marketing.

If the business need to be visible, content marketing is necessary. So what are the necessary elements for content marketing:

- Search Engine Marketing

- Infographics

- Whitepapers

- Case studies

- content writing

Why content marketing is the future of Marketing for your business?

Let's see what Search Engine Marketing does for a business and how it is done. To enable your business appear in Google search engine results, you need Search Engine Marketing.  Why it is so important?

- It brings huge number of visitors everyday to your website
- Customers can choose to use your services and buy products from your website
- Your sales grow
- Your monthly revenues improve
- Your profits are consistent

Your questions is - Is it so difficult to appear in search engines? Yes, it's difficult. Just recollect the traffic on the roadways. It's the same principle here. When there's already heavy traffic in search engine, you need a marketing strategy to advertise and show up in search results.  This is a big challenge for a business.  It's definitely a challenge, but it's not impossible to overcome.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is cost-effective. As against newspaper ads or magazine ads, you pay only for clicks you receive. This CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is most beneficial for advertisers.  Searching online is an expression of interest and there's a scope to turn traffic into customers.  You can set your budget and can spend less vis-a-vis earn more.

Difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Search engine marketing is a broader term than SEO
- Organic search or natural search is also called as SEO
- SEM consists of both organic and paid search results
- Paid search goes by PPC (Pay-per-Click) or CPC (Cost-per-Click), paid placement or search engine advertising.
- Paid search results are always at the top of the page and right side of search result pages
- Paid search ads generally have - A title and Description

Choose your Search Engine Marketing with SEO Keywords

SEO guide for beginners

Google adwords offer a volume of keywords for a specific term from 12 months or less.  Here, for the term "search engine marketing" Adwords gave a result as "Low" and for the keyword ideas - SEO is "Low" and SEO services is "Medium."

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Before the selection of keywords, take research and prepare notes about low competition keywords that would be of good help for adwords campaign.

One of the popular methods of content marketing is blogging. Every business relies highly on blog content. The popularity for blog content is on the rise.


How Many Blog are on the Internet?  -    152 Million Blogs as of 2013


So the chances of being found online are more effective with blog writing. Again, the success factors of a blog are also high. Without consistent writing, publishing uniquely written blog content, the success of a blog is underrated.

Look at your blog as a business and just as you communicate with your customers, write blog articles and share it online and send it to your customers through Email marketing.

> It is stated that if you choose low competition keywords, it would be easy to show up in search results. Choosing high competition keywords lower the search visibility. The probability of change in average monthly search would occur on a regular basis.

Top 5 Must-Follow SEO Experts 

It's should be verified before selecting SEO keywords.

Google Trends gives a daily report of search queries.  The interest over time for the keyword "Search Engine Marketing."

Google Trends will also list popular search queries. The search queries for the terms - "search engine marketing"

There are hundreds and thousands of SEO keywords and they are all search queries at some of point of time. Further there is - Low, Medium and High competition for every search term. Adding location, can improve your search results.

How to get profits from small business SEO service?

The search queries will help out in choosing popular keywords for inviting traffic from search.  There are 3,739,698,500 Internet users as on 31st March, 2017.  Google Search Statistics  confirm that there has been a phenomenal growth in search queries since 1998 and now there are over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. This volume of search is equal to the GDP of US$2 trillion of  few countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Russia.  What is signifying is, the interest of Internet users, their trust and reliance for finding accurate information in Google search engine which is truly astronomical.

For a small business owner to go about online, what would be the idealistic approach to advertise and market products / services online. First and foremost, it's the marketing strategy to choose.  Important questions would be -

- Where are customers for my business?

- Which are platforms I can find my customers?

- How to reach my customers with advertising and marketing

- Why would they buy my products / services?

- How unique is my product from my competitors?

- What's my selling strategy?

- What's customer matrix?

Content marketing can be presented in various different marketing methods. As long it's reaching target customers, the business is doing great.  So, to choose a specific marketing strategy that sells. The fact is, every product reaches customers in certain assured ways. For example - take the peanut seller's example. He chooses a place and sells hot-ready fried peanuts. Where customers are already willing to buy peanuts.

What's the definition of drip marketing?

"Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be used." (Source: Google)

Can you use drip marketing for your business? As this is similar to email marketing, you can build email lists and inspire your buyers to meet their needs.

Are you familiar with the term "partner marketing"? This is about finding people who are already established and influencing. Partnering with them can grow into a bigger community, market place and you can introduce your business to their network.

With new modes of marketing channels and methods available, choosing a marketing strategy for your business should not be a hardship. It's easy when you take appropriate and relevant research into SEO keywords, watch trends, assess your customer acquisition, gain knowledge about audience and begin business marketing.


SEO and SEM never say "enough." It's a rolling ball. As small business owner, you need to keep a constant check on the keywords for better promotion and better advertising online. When you follow the technical aspects of SEO and SEM for content marketing, successful results follow.