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How to create inspiring SEO content in content marketing to drive traffic?
Word count: 500+
Price: $3.09

The secrets of Tax savings in small business in U.S

Fee: $ 3.49
Word count: 500

How to Know About Expected Life Span of a Small Business?

Word count: 500

Price: $ 3.00


Your small business brings you substantial revenue, profits, and turnover. The hard work that you put in for marketing, customer satisfaction and paying vendors is valuable and long-lasting earmarking your reputation. So how exactly would you assess an approximate life span of your business from now on to say – after a period of five years? What are your long-term plans to grow and expand selling in market for your products / services. 

How to calculate your ideal weight?
                         Price: $5.00
                        Word count: 465

Weight Scale, Overweight, Scale. - stock photo


Ideal weight is about being perfectly in good health with exact physical fitness. In technical terms, it is your Body Mass Index (BMI) that indicates whether you are underweight, proper weight or overweight. 

How God works for your financial blessings?



Price: $ 4.00
word count: 360


Money is essential for daily living. Without earning member at home, it is a difficult time to meet the needs. Why am I not being blessed by God? This is the first question that comes to our mind. Human nature is just that we want our needs and look for wants to be met at some point of time. You look for help from above and put forth your prayer requests asking God to bless you financially.  So what does God’s word say about financial blessings. 

How to search for a job?

job search concept word cloud - stock photo

Price: $ 2.65
Word count: 600

Sample content 

Having a job is nearly the most important need. Why? Because, it is a definite source of regular income. You may be a student, Graduate or employee; there is search for job at some point of time. What should you know about your career? Where to start? These are some of the questions for every job seeker. 

Best Tips to know about your car insurance quote 

Car Insurance - Business Concept. Blue Arrow with "Car Insurance" Words on a Grey Background. - stock photo 

Price : $ 1.50
Word count : 547

Sample content:

Toyota, Benz, Ford, Ferrari or a lancer, you need insurance for your car and this is mandatory. Car insurance has always been an important to save your earnings and with wide number of insurance companies offering easy and quick processing, car insurance has been simplified. But there are few challenges in choosing an insurance quote / cheap car insurance quote.

Easter Greeting Card Verses
Price : US $ 2.00
No.of Verses : 10

Sample verse:

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed;

Save me, and I shall be saved.
For You are my praise.
Jeremiah 17:14
May the Good Times Stay with you Forever
Wish You  a very Happy Easter

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