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Content Strategy for a Business

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When you launch your small business website, you publish content online to advertise, market and invite traffic to your website. You know that without publishing content online or social media, your products may never reach audiences. So how to write your content? What are the essentials of good quality content that drives sales? These are some of the questions to understand about content strategy. Every business comes across the term “content strategy” at some point, to get organized about content creation.

Definition of content strategy

"Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content"
- Kristina Halvorson (Author of Content Strategy for the web)

To go to the next step, it is quite relevant to know that before you publish any content, it must have the following”

-         Certain goals
-         Objectives
-         Address some challenges
-         Resolve problems
-         Achieve results

True that fresh content is greatly in need and search engines crawl for new flow of genuine content. But, mere task of rushing content may not prove to add any value as your content is not consisting any greater value that benefits. The most common practice is to do publish articles, blog posts and PRs when your have a website or a blog.  But soon you will know that there is something wrong with your published content as you are not able to achieve any traffic or sales.

Some of these problems are resolved when you have a content strategy planning that clearly indicates your content planning about words getting distributed into goals for each piece of content.

Customer cares for quality and value of your product. If your content is delivering these two attributes, you are certainly on the good ground of content strategy.

For example, you plan to create web content for your website. What are important materials that you need to write web content? These are:

-         Content inventory
-         Page templates
-         Source material
-         SEO keywords

Without having any content strategy planning, you cannot expect your website content to be delivering positive impact on your business.

Similar module of content strategy planning is required before writing any kind of advertising and marketing online as it clearly marks the intended / targeted results. Some of these additional content formats include:

-         article writing
-         blog post writing
-         promotion on social media
-         press release
-         whitepaper

-         ebook
-         any content aimed to promote your business/services

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-         Substance: Discusses about different kinds of content needed for a business
-         Structure: Use of meta data, IA, data modeling, link strategies etc., to organize content
-         Workflow: Authorized staff to work and selection of tools and process
-         Governance: Making decisions about content and content strategy

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