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4 Prominent Rules to Write and Publish Facebook Posts for Your Business

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Facebook is most visited on a daily basis either on app or clicking login to your account. It is the most common task done by all as there is something new happening and you wish to find out curiously. Even for the purpose of posting an update about your business or your personal activity, you upload a photo or a video or give an update.

So, facebook is now part of everyday life as so much is happening in the world. Guess what ! If you own a small business, how would you use facebook for marketing? How would you develop content? Let's find out in this post.

Facebook says - The shorter, The sweeter

Writing a facebook post appears as a simple task. But it has to offer more to your audience, if you truly wish to invite engaging posts. If you can get the attention of audience in a span of less than two seconds with your facebook post content, you have done a good job. How? Audience read your post quickly and if it is interesting or useful or informative or knowledgeable, they would stay for longer time else, they would bounce away.

How to Make Your Content Work for Your Small Business?

So, the best strategy to write facebook posts is to make them shorter and sweeter that delivers interesting information to your audience combined with CTA (Call-to-action) and this could be a click to your website or blog or a sales page.

Working on short and simple posts is a professional art and knowledge. As you can notice, there are millions of Facebook posts that either do not receive any comment or like. While some of these are high in engagement, shares, likes and comments. audience enjoy reading these as it has some kind of benefit.

4 Key Areas for Writing Content

4 Rules for Writing Effective Facebook Posts

1. Deliver Quality Information

High quality information that is not found elsewhere encourages traffic to visit your page. Maintaining quality content writing need to be your strategy and working towards this by checking your facebook posts constantly can bring benefit. Keep the content short and concise focusing on the priority of information such as What to deliver? What is the importance of content for the facebook post and how it need to be written? Keeping these in mind and understanding the reading psychology of Facebook audience, quality content is required to be written.

2. Keep an Aim to Benefit the Reader

Ensure to keep a basic aim to benefit your reader with your Facebook post.  Aim to give away profits that helps.  Audience are in search of some kind of information that interests them and if you are delivering their needs, you provide them with benefits and they come back in search of more.

3. Inspire, Encourage and Entertain audience

Your posts need to inspire the readers to help them with their daily achievements. Secondly encouraging posts interests the visitors as a matter of boost to their goals and objectives in career, jobs or any other.  Sharing a piece of information that motivates, inspires and entertains is a win-win for you and it is likely to reach more of your audience.

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4. Keep the Motive of Giving Instead of Promotion

True that your business needs promotion, but that aspect can be taken care of in facebook advertising. When you are publishing free posts in your page, you are required to keep it simple for the advantage of the readers rather than aiming primarily at product promotion.  Sharing an infographic, presentation or a blog post that brings more value reaches widely.

Click facebook sample designs

Much of business success can be achieved through Facebook marketing, but it has to be human-centered.  In the world of social media, Facebook is dominating and it'll continue to be.

Prominent Facebook Facts:

  • As of December 2017, there are 2.13 billion monthly active users around the world.
  • As of December 2017, there are 1.4 billion active users on a daily basis
  • Many businesses find it much easier to engage with their customers 
  • This is the most widely and actively used social media online 
  • There are many small businesses running from home and office with the help of facebook business page. Getting connected with customers is much easier for processing orders.

You can stream a live video or create offers or display products for sales. A volume of multiple benefits have helped many businesses to thrive and still growing at a larger pace. 

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