Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Best tips for article writing titles

Article writing titles have lot of importance as online visitors stop-by to check and read your article only by the title of your article. So making sure to work on article writing titles will surely win not only good traffic but also many favorable comments and opinions from readers.
  1. Choose title either short or long to invite attention of readers
With growing content online, at times it is very difficult to choose and identify articles. But one of the good practice is to go by the article titles and enjoy good reading. Therefore as a writer, it is really important to make interesting titles either in 5-7 words or more than 10 words.

2.Consider long title as a good one

Since online content invites both native and non-native English speakers, it is always recommended to keep the title as long so that those who are interesting in knowing more can always click on long article titles and can follow the online article.

3.Make the title as simple but make it good to read

Title being the main source for a reader, good time must be allocated in working on title before the article begins its way for working on content. This also helps the writer to prepare and work on quality content that will leave a good impression on the reader.

4.Know about online trends in titles

While search engines promote lot of trends in titles, going through some of the current online trends in various topics and choosing titles that are relevant with the topic will surely bring good results for your article title.

5.Work on new words for article titles

Since there is lot of good content on Internet websites, making a similar article title may not earn good traffic for your article and search engines may not show your article in results.  In order to prevent this, make sure that you have one or more new words in article titles that make it interesting and closely relevant with the topic of your article.

6.Follow and practice creativity
Creativity has lot of space in article writing. You have good words and ideas to make your article title most creative so that online visitors cannot stop clicking on your article to read. So creativity wins and works always.

7.Article title should be interesting
Your article is definitely special and unique and this fact must be displayed by the title of your article so that you receive good views, clicks and comments so that you know more from your readers about your articles.

8.Article title should sound professional
As an article writer, your professional methods must be emphasizing through your article title. This means, the title of your article must indicate that article is written professionally and well presented with good research online.

9.Choose the best article title among first five

One of the best practices that can be followed for good results in article titles is that prepare first five titles and thereafter work on your article. After completing the article review the titles and choose the best that fits perfectly.

10.Read article titles and content of other writers

Better experience and better exposure can be receive only when you go through the works of other writers. In fact this is one way that guarantees good results for making an improvement in your article writing career.

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