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How to Qualify to Write Articles on Insurance ?

Among most popular sectors online, insurance is one as it protects insurance holders from financial loss.  There are many types of insurance available to seek damage protection of properties and assets. Can you write articles on insurance? This is the best article for you to find some important tips on articles. Some of the in-demand types of insurances online are:

Health Insurance Life Insurance Dental Insurance Medical Insurance Home Insurance Auto Insurance Travel Insurance

Writing articles on insurance requires not only optimum knowledge, understanding and writing skills, but essential grasp of content marketing.  Because, the type of targeted audience, age income, needs, lifestyle and education have to be clearly set out in persona before developing insurance article.

Every article need to aim for a set of purposes and discussing only relevant points pertaining to the angle of  a topic contribute to the success. Those who hire you provide you with a set of titles or SEO keywords or some a…

What to know before launching writing career?

Writing for Internet is like more of an art apart from being creative with deep knowledge in content writing.  With or without any experience in online writing, you can start off with Internet as a learning center. From article writing to press release, you get complete guideline about how to be a good writer online. With a writer available next door, the requirements of Internet marketing have changed broadly. Firstly, they look for experience, quality and your expertise. The first question, they might ask, "Have you written this before?" "Can you write on this topic?"  To be able to write and deliver quality writing, you need a thorough understanding about the topic and the identified needs.

But, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned same kind of routine jobs. They may vary with the growth and objectives of a particular piece of writing. Some of the common writing pieces that are greatly in demand are:

Article writingBlog postPress ReleaseSocial media p…

Get 8 Steps for successful career in online writing

Writing for Internet takes a lot of practice. I have been in this career for more than a decade. Having seen trends rising how and low, it feels like, as a writer, I am always on my toes. Reading, writing and publishing. This is a recycling endeavor. I don’t mean to say that I have been a failure. My writing of articles, blog posts and content-related activities have been the best. I am also not denying the fact of native and non-native English writers. The style of writing varies a lot. But a good and smart writer is able to surpass all the hurdles and win writing contracts. Over the years, I have analyzed some of the facts with regard to freelance writing. I wish to share in this article to make you understand and guide you through to choose writing as a turning point in career.

2. Build Vocabulary

Did you know? There are 171,476 in 20-volume Oxford Dictionary.  Even for genius writers, keeping a count of nearly 100,000 words is difficult or to implement vocabulary in writing. So, …

How to write articles in freelance way - Part II

For writing quality articles for any topic, you need good knowledge about how it works, why it is important and how it adds value. For example, if your topic is web traffic, how to write articles on web traffic.

1.Explain what is web traffic

2. Why it is important

3. How to implement website traffic tips and techniques

4. What are the top benefits with website traffic

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There are hundreds of small businesses in your local region. They may be in search of website traffic, and this is your opportunity to find out about their article writing requirement and create some fully SEO optimized articles for their sales and profits. 

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How to write articles for Business Promotion

How to write articles: 196 Tips to Know

Nearly hundreds of articles get posted online for every minute. Article writing has not only been the essence of Internet readability, but mostly as a reliable source for information.  There are variety of needs of customers and they search for quality content online. Especially they depend on long-form blog posts and articles.

For many online workers, article writing is one of the income sources. There are article writers  who get paid from $2 to $1000 per article.

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There are different types of articles published online. These are as follows:

General Article writing Tips:

- Business Article Marketing articles promote their products, description, how it works and its advantages.

- General articles are published with a view to provide content in generally and these are just for getting to know.

- Product Marketing articles are very specific - as they get fixed on a particular product and the article explains in detail about …

Know How to Get Profits From Small Business SEO Service

What is small business SEO service? On Internet you will find content that appears in variety of types. From advertising to blog post, content is everywhere. Why? Because every person is interacting with content in one way or the other. There is search with keywords in Google search bar. For instance, if you wish to buy a mobile phone or a laptop, what would you do? You would read reviews of a particular model and view the rating before you buy and in this process, keywords - long-tail keywords help you.   Those are keywords are SEO.

What is SEO?

"Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) - including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines."  (Source:Webopedia)