4 New Flavors from Coca-Cola Exclusively for Young Generation

Who doesn't love diet coke? This is the most loving drink for everyone who aspire to grab a can with or without favorite pizza, burger or French fries. Suiting for both casual and special occasions, the praise is never enough for a lifetime even after describing the sip-taste. Operated in 200+ countries, there's  no other beverage that replaces coke until now.

Coca-cola brands are as follows:

1. Coca-cola

2. Sprite

3. Fanta

4. Diet Coke

5. Coca-cola zero

6. Coa-cola Life

7. Dasani

8. Minute Maid

9. Ciel

10. Powerade

11. Simply Orange

12. Coca-cola light

13. Fresca

14. Glaceau Vitamin water

15. Del Valle

16. Glaceau smartwater

17. Mello Yello

18. Fuze

19. Fuze Tea

20. Honest Tea

21. Odwalla

22. Powerade Zero

The world's largest and leading multinational brand is now venturing into a new change by introducing 4 diet-coke flavors exclusively for young generation.

“Millennials are now thirstier than ever for adventures and new experiences, and we want to be right by their side,” Rafael Acevedo, North …

6 Difficulties in content check - Discussion of Solutions

Getting into content writing business is much easier as against establishing as a good content writer.  Projects are always coming your way and there's no other write who writes like you. Compliments on that! But what if, you have been few difficulties in content writing. How would you solve?

Some of the crucial problems that you may come across are:

1. Hectic writing schedules

As an established writer, you have multiple responsibilities to attend and deliver writing projects. If you are a freelancer, you still have a great burden of completing writing tasks.  Your clients want timely submissions and any delay may cause disappointments.  Most importantly, while ongoing projects are keeping you busy, you cannot afford to take up new projects or else, you may have to send content preparation calendar and request client to wait for a while.

Content writing is the most ingredient for every online business. Both time-taken and quality submitted are carefully examined before it is publi…

When was the Last Time you read an Online Book?

Do you read everyday? Offline or online, reading is a wonderful source of knowledge.  Writer, employee, student or a professional, at some point reading comes your way. After the emergence of Internet technology, reading has become a daily task such as clicking a website or watching a video or an ad, you wish to know what it is about and take to time to read.

While shopping online for products, you spend time on reviews as they are a reliable source for finding about the pros and cons of a product.  Global e-commerce networth is nearly $22 Trillion (UNCTAD).  Although, checking products comes by a requirement, genuine interest in building knowledge is mostly acquired by reading articles, kindle books and physical books.

So, check now, what were the recent article websites, magazine articles or books that you read?  Did you know there are public domain books that gives you access to read books online?  The following are the top 25 online sources for reading books.

1. Project Gutenber…

4 Tips to know about Article Marketing

Ready-made articles are so profitable.  As a matter of fact, your small business is need of regular promotion and you need tons of articles to advertise your products and services. Article marketing is very popular and stands at the top as a successful marketing strategy.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is essentially about distribution of short articles at article directories and other online places to invite traffic to your website or blog. In fact, article marketing is the least expensive model of marketing for a business and it continues to be in trend.

Benefits of Article Marketing

Articles are permanently reside online and promisingly assure sales for a business.  Publishing more and more articles convey credibility of a business.

Generates traffic and leadsPromotes the products and services of a businessMinimum costs for publishing articleGenerates interest among audience Free sources to publish articleWide scope for advertising and marketing of business Reaches audi…

4 Key Areas for Writing Content

Content writing is one of the top most requirements online. Almost everyone who is either in business or have a career online, need content marketing. So, where exactly, the process of content writing begins.

Do you have a content plan before writing?

Having a content plan gives a route map for starting off easily.  There could be many angles of a topic to discuss, but writing unique aspects that inspires, encourages and meets the needs of reader, is the most compelling aspect of content. Lacking this, many websites and blogs poorly perform and finally writing is a mere waste of time.

So, what are the prominent and crucial areas of content plan?

- Target audience - age, gender

- Introduction

- Discussion

- Highlights

- Identification of needs

- Interesting, engaging content  from the point view of reader

- Assess why your content is most important for visitor and what he or she searches for in content

- Discussion of problems and solutions

- Offer concrete conclusions

- Ensure to chec…

4 Highlights of Content Marketing for Your Small Business

Content Marketing Ideas for your small business?

With growing innovation in small business, content marketing is a 'must-have'. Currently, do you have a content marketing strategy? or did you take a look at companies that do content marketing?

Addressing customer needs with content, you create a voice for your brand. With your content marketing, your customers get to know your products and services.

Ecommerce stats:

Nearly 81% of shoppers perform online research before buying online.30% of U.S ecommerce takes place on mobile  (Source: Hubspot)

What are the basic principles for content preparation?

Create content that is valuable, compelling and brings a positive impact and enables accurate decisions. Never promote your business for rapid sales growth, add first preference to the interests and needs of customer. Prepare content marketing in the line of customer-driven and this means - Give a thought to the following during content preparation process:

- Educates customer

- Helps…

10 Ground-Breaking Tips for you to Know who can use Content Marketing & How

Serena Williams - American Professional Tennis Player who ruled the World's Tennis court on 8 occasions became World No. 1. Her fans not only move with her swing of moods in the play, but they roar with joy when she takes most difficult ball coming from her opponent. She hits right always and doesn't miss anytime.  Notice her stunning effort to reach ball.(photograph). She is a wonder woman.

Her preparation is viral and so strong. 

So, also for a business to implement content marketing - planning is definite. 

Do you think like a publisher? Who should use content marketing? To grab the interest and grow returning customers to your website, you need to use content marketing. With wide expansion in business growth on Internet, there are nearly 4-5 types of businesses in operation. These are - Home-Business, home-based business, small business, SMEs, large enterprise business houses. 

8-ways to Learn Content writing for Business Presence Online - Part II of II

If you to get clicks, sa…

8-Ways to Learn Content Writing for Business Presence Online - Part II of II

You have read8-ways to learn content writing for business presence online - Part I of II
and now let's dig into the rest of the content writing areas for promoting business. 

Digital Marketing plan

Offline or online,  there are many opportunities to implement digital marketing.  The primary aim of your marketing strategy is to reach your audience and generate leads.  Video or content need to prepared with human-interest. So, you need a realistic plan that works successfully.  Planning reduces stress and controls the good management of business.

Choose short-term plan or long-term plan and develop digital marketing plan accordingly.  A digital marketing plan works for customer acquisition and retention using digital tools. They support business goals.

Apart from videos, white papers and ebooks are also part of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing plan 

With every need for finding an opportunity to advertise products for the purpose of marketing, the new social media marketing ha…