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Three Key Areas for Your Success in Content Marketing (Essentials of Digital Marketing)

Content marketing has two different aspects. Content + marketing. Many are good at producing content. They lack in marketing their content.

With millions of business content flowing rapidly online, how would make a difference in your content marketing?

A big question?

There's not only a huge competition there, but also a nano chance to get clicks to your content.

Just a micro nano -----

In that time of micro moment, your content must hit the chance of inviting the interest of your audience.

It's a combination, aggregation and amalgamation of content, images, ideas and much more.

So, where is the good starting point of content marketing?

1. Begin with a strategy

Set a good planning of your content ideas.  It is to write about a story.

Share new and interesting stories and your experiences.

Stories have always proved to be a treasure and wealth of success in content.

Talk about failures as well along with success stories.

They deliver a lot of value to the audience.

Stories deliver and convey an emotional journey that enable audience to gain and learn and this is what they look for.

2. Deliver value

One of the specialties of content marketing is to share simple things in an extraordinary way.

This could include data or framework of content, but it has its significance.

Stick with your message. But frame it in the interest of audience.

Particularly, when content is in different types of blog posts, SEO articles or informative articles, they have to be descriptive and detailed.

For example, a product descriptive blog post can include:

  • Description
  • How it is used
  • Where it is available for purchase
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Benefits
  • Lifetime value
  • A comparative value
  • Introduction and history
  • Significance
  • Pros and cons
  • Conclusion and CTA for audience to click and check the product 
Similarly a SEO promotional article can have:

  • A storyline
  • Brief introduction
  • Discussion
  • Why-Where-When-How-Why
  • Opinions
  • Ideas
  • Significance
  • Advantages
  • Long-lasting benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • Repairs & Fix
  • Conclusion with CTA

3. Maintain a simple writing style

There are various notions in content marketing about writing style. Some say to maintain the verbiage, others stick to easy flow in writing.

Imagine two food platters:

While some prefer to enjoy having delicious and savory pizza, others enjoy the chopstick food.

Both the platters are equally flavored to be delicacies, however, it is the choice, preference and selection of taste.

A similar principle is applied to content marketing.

However, you design your content, give a thorough flavor and make it easily readable and consumable.


Content marketing is not just limited to the blog posts or SEO articles. But it also takes care of videos, infographics marketing designs and much more.

However, content is part in every marketing design. Its importance can never be undermined.

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Hire a freelance writer for your small business: How to guide with efficient tips

Friday, July 26, 2019

Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Small Business : How-To Guide With Efficient Tips

Small business

Do you own a small business? You need to market and sell your products. Living in the technology and Internet era, you come across several mediums and methods to market your business.

Among several methods of advertising - you find that Google advertising is the best. Because it allows you to reach your customers both locally and globally.

Did you know 43% of U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020?

Freelance writing offers great opportunities, yet it is quite a tough task to become one. Because there are many areas of learning.

Let's see how you can hire a freelance writer for your business?

Small business has one or more specific products. They have either too narrowed target audience or adequate wide audience.

Writing for specific audience with a purpose is essential.

This means a particular content has certain goals. Content type can be a blog post, SEO keyword article or an infographic.

To hire a freelance writer, expertise and capable writing skills are verified.

You can either check expertise in small business niche or a writer who has potential skills to create content for specific audience.

Long-form or short, content is required to be written in an interesting manner, to enable the readers to follow and understand the products of a business and also attain indepth knowledge about a specific topic.

Niche-based articles require heavy word count or volume of articles already written and published.

Publish more than 500 articles in a specific niche to gain a complete hold over writing quality articles.

This signifies that a writer has expertise knowledge in the niche.

Sometimes you find across writers who quote their expertise as - blog writing, proposals, SEO articles and some other.

Blog Post & Article writing: How to do content planning for writing best quality content

This is generic and does not maximize the nature of writing skills required for a specific topic.

Whereas, as a small business seller, you need a writer who possess vast knowledge in your product.

Therefore, this may take time in searching for a writer who can enable the achievement of your business goals.

If you consider the need for SEO, the requirement for website traffic and lead generation goes on and on and you know important SEO writing is for your content marketing needs.

SEO guide for beginners

Although many freelance writers quote their efficiency in developing SEO articles, the results are not very optimistic.

Why does this happen?

There are few aspects in writing SEO content:

  • Organize SEO keywords within the content to deliver meaning and purpose for readers  
  • Avoid spam-filled content
  • Allocate dedicated time
  • Keep a list of goals for SEO articles in order to work on purpose-driven content

Top six SEO writing tips for helping your target audience to find your website

Niche based articles are not only relevant, but remain focused on the topic and keyword.

Therefore, it is quite necessary that you choose a freelance writer who is both good at the technicalities of writing and the niche.

Check and verify the sample works.

Freelance writers not only need an extra mile in online presence, but also a consistent writing and publishing timeline.

Working for clients does also bring a responsibility to promote and market services for ensuring a consistent online presence and promotion of writing services.

Freelance writing Tip:

4 Key Areas for Writing Content 

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8 Effective Tips for you while preparing emotional content

Freelance writers are proving to be a valuable source for small business. Because, it brings many advantages and benefits of easy access online and wide pool of talent and 24/7 availability.


Small business requirements for content marketing are not only quite challenging, but they also require a lot of planning in content marketing strategy and writing with purpose and goal.

The more you plan, the better are the results.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How to Begin Your Social Media Marketing? (Essentials of digital marketing)

For your small business advertising, you need a reliable source to improve your social media presence. This is essential because audience spend a good time checking posts, content, video and news on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.,

To enable your audience to take a view of your products, this is the reliable source online.

Where would you begin?

First, find out where your small business presence is necessary. This means, it is likely to go where you can find your target audience.

Choose your preferred choice and selection of social media platform to create a business page and group.

Begin publishing posts, sharing content links and every business activity that you wish to engage with your audience.

On a regular basis audience begin to connect with your business. 

How many posts or creative designs and videos per day?

Why social media marketing is so important?

Of global population of 7.7 Billion, nearly 3.2 Billion (42%) is active on social media. (Source: Emarsys, 2019)

  • Facebook is leading in social media with 2.38 billion active users as of March, 2019 

What are content types for social media marketing?

This is a great question.  The availability of vast volume of content does not guarantee positive results. Audience consume content differently.

If some prefer to watch videos others prefer to get a quick view of infographics. 

There are also a segment of audience who rely on blog articles and long form content.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Top Five Tips to Know all About Email Marketing (Essentials of Digital Marketing)

Email marketing is not only powerful, but also very reliable. Why? Because - if Americans check their phone 80 times a day, an average person checks their mail 15 times a day.

Did you ever think why you check your email so often?

Because, you want to get an update of your work, job, communication with family and friends etc.,

You do not wish to get delayed or stay late. Catching up with day job is what you want. Stay ahead and do your work in time.

So, email marketing is related to your email and what exactly is email marketing?


"Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing."


# 1. How email marketing works?

There are many views, guides, tutorials and proven methods of doing email marketing. Though these have been good with A/B Testing, did you know by taking up email marketing, you have a great responsibility to communicate with your audience.

So, you have a great time writing email marketing letters to your audience with a strategy that gives a flow and boost to your content.

Keep in mind that first you have to have a catchy headline for your letter and that's what experts say.

for example -

"Great News about what's going on in the world of ........"


"You're almost there to grab a huge discount of 60-70 percent of annual sale"


Benefits of having an audience-interest headline:

  • Opening your email
  • Audience read what you convey
  • Take action (CTA)
  • Come back, follow, like, share, comment and refer
  • Get connected, engage, interact and be your customer

After finishing working on headline, the next course of writing goes into main feature of email letter. What would you write? What do you wanna say?

Things you should consider while working on content:

You are sending emails with due consent of your audience and you cannot enforce your ideas to forcefully make a sale.

It's absolutely to the veto of audience. They have the final decision.

You can only work on quality content and entertain your audience to give them good guidance and accurate information.

# 2. How often should you send emails?

This is one of the most common questions that many business owners have. Practically thinking, place yourself in the view of audience and imagine how often you would like to read the mails coming from your client or customer.

Definitely not often. Am I right?

Well, it's the same thing with your audience.

They definitely do not prefer to send them mails repeatedly so that they do not even click to open your emails.

Did you know a healthy email opening rate is between 20-40 percent.

So, if you really want to enable the opening of your mails, do not write often..but communicate effectively by sending one or two mails in a month.

# 3. What would you write in your email for email marketing?

Remember your precious readers. Keep them as your reader personas. You know very well whether it is the first or the last sentence, holding the attention of your reader is prime most important aspect.

Choosing your topic of discussion, content that is really interesting with an easy flow will perform well.

Feed your readers to consume your content easily with no twists and turns in your ideation.

Ideas that are new and informative with engaging content is essential in your email marketing.

Avoid writing long paragraphs and long form content.

Be brief, concise and inspire the reader.

At the end of your email, invite and allow the reader to get a benefit of reading.

A free ebook, presentation, white paper, a discount coupon or any other gift that helps the reader to attain the benefit of reading your email.

# 4. Keep a calendar of email campaigns

Maintain a work sheet of your email content that spans over a month or more. Keep the stats of members who read your mail, opted the benefit and even clicked to your website.

These campaigns are a source to inform you about the performance of your business.

They enable you to work on new strategies and new email marketing campaigns.

# 5. Add subscribe and unsubscribe

There may be few members who wish to unsubscribe to your emails. Give them that chance.

Add unsubscribe and respect the decision of your members.


Where to choose email marketing templates? Well, there are many popular email marketing platforms and some of these are Mailchimp, Getresponse,  Hubspot.

Create an account today and allow your subscribers to access your emails.

Send quality links and images.

You would be surprised about the results your email marketing generates.

Good Luck.

Free download - Email Marketing Checklist Infographic

Monday, June 17, 2019

Three Steps to Invite Your Target Audience to Lead Generation

Lead generation in your small business. What is it?

" In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter or for sales leads." (Wikipedia)

In the process of inbound marketing, the buyer's journey includes the stages of awareness - engage - delight followed by lead generation.

Particularly to successfully enable lead generation, your buyer's journey strategy has to be very effective and entirely human-centric in engaging your audience with quality content.

Some of the crucial areas of not including content that is either not useful or that is excessively commercial.

When audience notice that the content is pushing too much for making purchases or it is highly focused on sales, they are no longer interested in content. This in turn would not result in any kind of positive outcome.

So, how to produce content that is most valuable for audience and that proves most ideal for lead generation.

1. Write content for Awareness

As you know a search query in Google search engine crawls for the relevant blogs, articles, videos and other relevant search links.

Therefore, the search either begins with a question or a search engine keyword.

So, writing content that answers the query delivering more awareness about the topic is most crucial for the phase of awareness.

This means, your quality content is required to be in the form of:
  • Informative blogs and articles
  • Videos
  • Advertising
  • Webinars 
Writing long form of content is greatly in need and experts say that lead generation has better scope if you have lengthy articles or blogs.

Because, it signifies that you have good authority and expertise over the topic and it is quite reliable.

Audience love to read your content for that expertise and well-written content that has good images, videos, links and other sources.

It would work for best results in the long-term.

Some of the best tips to keep in mind while working on content are - be simple and conversational. Write in the language that makes it easier for the readers to understand.

Know that even though you are a reliable source for their awareness, simplify the content for rapid reading.

Add subheads and leave plenty of white space.

Did you know video content marketing is also on the rise? Because, what you can say in 1000 words, you can say it in a quick video of five or six seconds.

You can do it.

However, video marketing also requires a particular strategy and it must consider the concepts of viewer psychology, timing, browsing behavior on Youtube,  SEO and content.

Without having a video script, you can never plan to have a successful video engagement.

Particularly, if you are selling products, you need more ideas.

When it comes to the aspect of advertising content, you need to consider the following aspects:

1. Short and crisp

2. Inspiring and Informing audience

3. Enabling decisions

There's a lot to explore in advertising content. Because, it requires an indepth understanding of customer psychology, behavior, buying psychology, online browsing on websites, apps and smartphones.

In this stage of awareness, your sole aim is to inform and educate your target audience, so that they get to know about you and your product.

Therefore, your sole motive to educating your audience has to be carried out quite efficiently with your content.

It should allow them to go forward the next stage of engagement.

Webinars are also a good form of awareness.

Audience would be interested to attend free webinars that you specify and they would be interactive in asking questions.

This mode of education and information is greatly in demand.

Host at least a webinar in a month.

2. Aim to Engage audience

What is audience engagement? How it works?  When your content is interesting to read and consumed by the readers, it leads to engagement.

This goes further in the form of comments, likes, shares and in increasing the website traffic.

This stage being so important, it highly demands how your previous step of Awareness is done it also includes the key task of Search Engine Optimization.

The inclusion of Meta Description, Alt Tags, keyword density and the quality of content play a crucial role.

If the step of awareness is unable to create engagement, it is time to check the content and rework on it.

Content that has both quality and presentation, definitely brings the interest of audience to interact and engage for best results.

The primary step of awareness leads to engagement thereby converting the audience to become your customers and that's exactly lead generation.

Though it may take a while for audience to convert as customers, your content is pivotal to its success.

Much of the success of lead generation is depending on Awareness + Engagement

3. Understand How Leads are Generated

Although from the view point of your small business, lead generation is most important, the entire objective is to allow the end user to acquire and achieve the biggest benefit of your product.

The two steps of awareness and engage lead to CTA (Call-to-Action) which is either to click and buy your product or download a free ebook or contact you.

The Call To Action must be easy and quick for your audience.

Never be of the opinion that it happens soon. It may take time. It all depends on the type of content you offer and its success.

Focus on building website traffic as well.


Though it is easier to say, it is much harder to do when things begin to roll. However, be patient and expect good results.

Ensure to do a good job in the stages of awareness and engage for the next step of lead generation.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Four Tasks to Do Everyday if You are a Freelance Writer to Keep You Successful in Your Writing Career

Wow ! So you are a content writer. That's a great career. How are you doing in your writing for online marketing purposes? Too many questions, right?  Okay, let me start by giving you some guidance for you to excel for better earnings.

You know, with the stiff competition for writing that's happening, you must have found that there are too many writers in your expertise and there's no way that you can pass through for winning clients, if you are a freelance writer.

So, what's the best option you have?

Sharing some of my own ways that I did implement to keep me going ahead on a fast pace. Because, as you know, there's no other way other than finding better options if you are half-way through the career in writing.

Just keep going  with your writing that is most consistent !!! :-)

Content Online: Tips to Write Effectively for Long-Term Positive Results

1. Publish Five Articles in a Specific Niche in the Interest of Your Audience

Some say 350 while others say 500 / 700/ 1000 or more than 2000 words...

How would you perceive this idea of writing more or less?

I feel it's simple..

Begin writing with a specific niche and write in an order that you wish to engage your audience. What  matters most is that you write in the interest of your audience and not for the sake of writing.

It's definitely not for your writing exercise, but to answer some of questions your readers may have and provide some practical solutions and ideas.

Did you know, audience consume too much of content in the form of bumper ads, blogs, articles and videos.

However, how much they remember that practically helps them in their career is just less than 5%.

Therefore, be simple, brief, effective in your writing style that interests your audience.

Never give them a hard time.

So, we're talking about writing five articles per day. Right?

Here's what I would do.

Choose five new areas of content writing for my audience who are into freelance writing and help them with the tips to acquire in a specific niche.

1. How to choose your niche (B2B or B2C) and what does the current content market experts say?

2. If you have already chosen a niche - How to excel in winning freelance writing contracts? What's the methodology that works for you?

3. How to avoid pit falls in your freelance writing career? What keeps you going?

4. Five Years from Now in Your Writing Career - How would you Plan and Market Your Writing Services?

5. How to Plan and Time Your Daily Writing Exercise? What are the Success Factors Attributed to it?

 Write detailed and explanatory article that is in tune with the title. Avoid any distractions.

Remember, if you deviate from the title with boring content, you quickly lose the attention of readers.

Writing is a serious business, certainly.

Irrespective of word count, frame your article that is most satisfying to the readers. Because, if you limit the word count, you may even end up writing half.

Ensure to write well.

However, when you are aiming to write five articles per day, achieve the goal entirely.

Spending time in creating value-driven articles accomplishes positive results.

How to be a successful content marketer? (What are the soft skills additionally needed)

2. Write More in a Day

Are you good at writing fresh and original writing with great speed? That's great.. Imagine if you dedicate one hour for each article -

You complete five articles in five hours.

If you do not have any other writing tasks, you still have time left for writing more.

That's great. Isn't it.

So, go ahead and work on article titles and outline plan for each article.

Begin writing once again.

You have heard surely that writing is a great practice for freelance writers and the more you publish, the better for your contractors to hire you.

Remember, your writing is your daily investment. Your expertise is your asset that gives you an authority to stand as an expert.

Never give up writing, but continue working for more hours until results begin to flow in your favor.

3. Read and Critically Review Your Articles

This is a great work. Did you ever spend time in reading your articles? No, No. Not immediately after you finish writing.

At later point of time, when you are checking for reference or when you plan to hyperlink your article.

Assign some time for reading your own content and check for errors or what could have been better.

  • Check for errors
  • Find out new ideas
  • Work on improvement
  • List your opinions
Many freelance writers are of the opinion that it is not their job to read their own works, but, rather it is for the readers to review their writing.

This is not true. Consider yourself as a third party reader too and examine for faults or misconceptions if any and make corrections.

8 Areas to Expand a Career in Content Writing: Find out the Sources

4. Act on the Engagement Your Content has Invited

On the other side, you are also passionate about the results your writing fetches. This is quite exciting.

Just as we say " the proof of the pudding is in eating of it" your writing produces an outcome.

What is it?

How many interactions did it bring?

What are the comments?

It is also true that once your content is Live, it stays there permanently until you delete it.

Therefore, the shelf life of content is longer and you can expect constant flow of engagement, based on the technicalities of Search Engine Optimization and sharing that takes place over a period of time.

So, when your job of creation and publishing of content is completed, the next course of action would be the results produced by your content.

Be prompt in reading the comments of your readers and offer a favorable reply.

7 Points for a career in content writing


They say freelance writers have a 9 to 5 job working from home. This is partly true. Because, they have to deliver more, stay responsible for producing quality content and write well that accomplishes the purposes of content.

The epitome is to have a systematic, streamlined and functional writing approach than being a random writer taking things just as they flow.

It can be compared to a software system that allows you to just work with it and not get to the back end.

Need an article? Click here :

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

12 Things to Set Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Introduction to content marketing

Content marketing is big and huge. Although the awareness about it is small, it continues to grow its prominence with more than expected target results.

It is likely that future of content marketing is IoT-powered.  So, to keep a pace with latest trends and updates occurring in the marketing, you really must be getting notified.

1. What is content marketing?

The definition of content marketing as stated by Content Marketing Institute:


"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."


Another definition says:


"Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online"


2. Why it is so important?

From the perspective of B2B business, content marketing is important for many reasons. Firstly, it builds online presence, online reputation, invites the interest of audience, interaction and engagement and call-to-action.

Content marketing is in fact a reliable source to communicate with audience. Though it reaches to a wider audience, it interacts with target audience to decide or become your business customer.

In simple terms - content marketing is all about -- doing marketing with content --.

With B2B content marketing, you can achieve lead generation, sales and customer relationship management (CRM).

Highlights of B2B content marketing:

  • Highlights your business online
  • Gains recognition
  • Builds reputation
  • Grows website traffic
  • Enables CTA (Call to action)
  • Grows sales
  • Expands to reach audience online
  • Builds network
  • Earns profits
  • Establishes business 

3. What is the future of content marketing?

With small business thriving across the globe and with nearly 2/3rd of the world accessing Internet, you can in fact rely on content marketing for prospects.

As audience are available for finding your target audience with content marketing, it gained a great demand and continue to earn the attention of many new businesses.

Although Machine Learning improves fast results for search engine queries, the high-end efficiency of content marketing remains a huge success.

Therefore, the future of content marketing is quite prospective and assures higher returns.

4. Content marketing for B2B

Many come across this question. How do I start content marketing for my B2B business?  It's because, you have many marketing strategies available that you would need an ideal marketing plan that works exclusively for your business delivering nearly 100% results.

Avoiding failure and achieving successful goals, requires a good planning.

  • Who is my customer?
  • Why do they need my products?
  • Where is my customer?
  • How to reach?
  • What sort of content is interesting for my audience?
  • How it motivates?
  • Do I need short term or long-term marketing strategy?
  • What creative ideas attract audience?
  • How to communicate?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How my product is superior?
  • List of advantages
  • List of disadvantages
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • The unique features of your product
5. How it should start?

You are likely to collect the data and analyze it for emerging your marketing plan. This means, you would understand your audience and their needs in detail.

You would start executing your marketing plan from the point view of your customer and not from your business perspective. 

Have work sheets for every week or month and clearly make a note of marketing plans and review the results.

It’s also likely that if you are having social media presence, your social media marketing plan must be included in your content marketing.

The various content types that interest your audience must be considered as a priority. 

6. What are the main key factors to initiate content marketing?

While initiating your content marketing strategy, you should consider some of essential key factors and these include - 

  • Accuracy
  • Specific goals
  • Objectives
  • Psychology
  • Behavior
  • Customer journey
  • Acquisition
  • Detection of errors
  • Reviewing results
  • Making alternative plans for fetching positive results
  • Trial and Test method 

7. What is content marketing strategy?

How to go about your business marketing content? The best answer you must 'have a content marketing strategy.' It is like a planner that enables you to follow your periodical marketing plan online.

As you are interacting with audience about your business, it is required to have customer journey, a strategy, analysis of human emotions, emotional content and browsing psychology. 

Having a strategy plan is highly recommended.

8. How to monitor the results?

Results are very crucial for the success of your content marketing strategy.  The more emphasis you lay on the strategy, ideas and audience interests, the better is the success rate.  You must have an entire understanding about your audience.

While executing your content marketing strategy, you can monitor the results daily. This will enable a clear perspective that you are achieving results either rapidly or slow paced.

In fact, you can ensure some of the measures of correction which in turn bolster your marketing.

9. How to review?

Create a worksheet that records the total views, comments, likes or any other interactions that include Call-to-action.

Reviewing results would enable a clarity as to where your marketing strategy is. Whether it is working or not. 

It further endorses some of the new ideas.

However, this is a difficult process and may take longer time to bring up new marketing strategies.

10. How to evaluate the success?

Content marketing is a pipeline that requires a lot of planning, research, analytics, personas and content ideas.

Imagine a scenario where you experience - failure of your content marketing - what would you do and what are the reasons for a failure?

To avoid pitfalls, the following tips help you:

- Keep in view of your audience
- Work on audience-driven content
- Be consistent in publishing
- Connect with audience
- Interact and response to the interactions
- Stay positive

The secret sweet spot of content marketing success is evident when you CTA is actively generating response.

It also enables the achievement of your content marketing goals.

When a B2B content marketing fails?

At a time when your content marketing strategy is either poorly working or no longer active in earning the interest of traffic, that's when you know that the marketing has failed.

To reprogram and redo the marketing strategy, you need the failure spots to ensure corrections.

Some of the factors that lead to the failure of content marketing are:

- Poor content 
- Lacks inadequate or no customer journey metrics
- Does not interest audience
- Content did not reach the target audience

11. Sources to make it right?

Did you know your B2B brand is the biggest source to make your content marketing strategy work right?


Because, you know and understand how your business works and where you went wrong in your marketing strategies.

You can either begin from the beginning or pick only those areas where marketing has not been performing and add value.

Associate with some of the authoritative sources in your marketing that has not only wide audience, but also, they are able to follow your content.

Content being most crucial, the failure comes only from either one from the content type or your content does not connect.

Therefore, if you can fix those errors, you would do great.

12. How to choose a platform?

With search engine at the forefront from advertising, blogs, websites, videos and social media, you would check which one has nearly 100% of your audience.

Going with your goals and objectives, it is a great way to choose either two or more to begin with. When you review the results, as response inflow is to your satisfaction, that's when you can go viral.

Best sources for content marketing are:

Social Media Platforms 


In the next upcoming blog post, you can find a detailed discussion about content marketing success. It is always important to be creative and understand what works and what isn't. When you read through the differences, your marketing strategy performs well. 

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