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10 Point Guideline to Understand Your Business Customer

A small home-based business, SME or a giant corporate business, the search has always been to stay profitable in business. Sales consisting of products and services include a huge range to deliver the needs and wants of customer.

For every sale / purchase, the rate of satisfaction is counted whether online or offline. Especially with the growing interest for online shopping, sellers pay more attention to quote a detailed product description, images, price and time frame for delivery.

Every point-of-sale either builds or crashes a business. How to understand different demographics, audience needs, requirements and the purchasing behavior of customers is a very big question.

True that e-commerce market has touched a trillion dollar market and is growing rapidly. Some of the important thoughts to understand your customer:

- What my customer is thinking
- Why some customers buy my products and others don't
- Can I expect a returning customer?

1.Definition of Customer Satisfaction

Excerpt from the book " Improving your Measurement of customer satisfaction" - Terry G.Vavra

" Customer satisfaction (according to a comprehensive review conducted by Yi (1993) has been defined in the two basic ways, as either an outcome or as a process. The outcome definition characterize satisfaction as the end-state resulting from the consumption experience"

"The buyer's cognitive state of being adequately or inadequately rewarded for the sacrifices he has undergone (Howard and Sheth 1969, 145); an emotional response to the experiences provided by, associated with particular products or services purchased, retail outlets, or even more patterns of behavior such as shopping and buyer behavior, as well as the overall market place" (Westbrook and Reilly 1983, 256);

" an outcome of purchase and resulting from the buyer's comparison of the rewards and the costs of the purchase in relation to the anticipated consequences"(Churchill and Suprenand, 1982, 493)

2.The Significance of customer satisfaction

For every seller, customers are important. If there are no customers, no sales and zero profits. Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, NetFlix, GE, Amazon, ebay, Pizza, Burger, KFC and many other American companies have earned global reputation for their customer satisfaction.

The aim of successful corporate network has been to deliver customers unique experiences, decision-making abilities, performance attributes and consumption experiences.

3.What exactly a customer is in search of?

The needs of customers may vary from time to time. Every time search is different. Various models, designs, configurations and brands will be checked by a buyer before making a decision to buy. The most important need is the first priority to attend and this will make a sale.

4.The Criteria and quality of satisfaction

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality, you can never expect for a second purchase. With online data and information, they always take research and read about products and reviews before making a decision.

Keeping the products and services in the interest of customers and highlighting the research and analysis with competitors will help the audience to understand the benefits and paying the value to retain the good quality.

5.The budget, usability and needs in buying

Budget, spending and saving is a part of shopping for online community. But helping them know the advantages and worth it analysis will move the sales rapidly.  But realizing and understanding the potential buyers of a specific community will help the business invite the interest consistently.

6.How companies earn reputation from customer satisfaction

There are many successful online companies that earned reputation of customers by the mode of content marketing and online selling.  When a new product is launched, inspiring customer and discussing about the description, advantages and long-lasting quality will hold the interest of online traffic.

7.Parameters, goals and objectives in satisfaction

Keeping the customer first will enable business profits and a  line of reputation will also be properly built for long-term sustainability. A wholesale or retail outlet, or a e-commerce website, arranging the goods according to the requirements of customers will achieve the goals and objectives of every business.

8.Effective Scope for Improvement

New or existing business, expanding and creating more and more efforts for customer satisfaction and improving business services will help the business to stay successful.

Depending on your business strategy, create an environment for every customer to take the benefit of services and have long-term relation.

9.The Role of Content Marketing in customer satisfaction

Keeping in view of business support and service, each and every enquiry will be an importance source to operate daily selling activities. Paying interest to the buyer needs and supplying the suitable products will enhance the demand.

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in advertising, marketing and selling. The online community is interested to know when they come across a new brand. Therefore developing ideal content to the easy access, will bring fast results.

10.Implementing Social Media Marketing Strategy

True that facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and G+ is promoting marketing and advertising.  But the strategy is always subject to alter with the fact that the target audience may be narrow or wide. Therefore, it is recommended to develop social media strategies that can invite your targeted audience easily.


Customer is seeking products and services that build and achieve satisfaction meeting requirements.

A customer-centric business must work on sponsoring 100% quality products to stay successful.

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