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Writing for Internet takes a lot of practice. I have been in this career for more than a decade. Having seen trends rising how and low, it feels like, as a writer, I am always on my toes. Reading, writing and publishing. This is a recycling endeavor. I don’t mean to say that I have been a failure. My writing of articles, blog posts and content-related activities have been the best. I am also not denying the fact of native and non-native English writers. The style of writing varies a lot. But a good and smart writer is able to surpass all the hurdles and win writing contracts. Over the years, I have analyzed some of the facts with regard to freelance writing. I wish to share in this article to make you understand and guide you through to choose writing as a turning point in career.

2. Build Vocabulary

Did you know? There are 171,476 in 20-volume Oxford Dictionary.  Even for genius writers, keeping a count of nearly 100,000 words is difficult or to implement vocabulary in writing. So, what’s the idea to learn new words? The secret is in taking a vocabulary test everyday.  Practice writing more using new words. That is how you build your vocabulary.

3. Pass Grammar Tests

You have heard about Active voice, passive voice, present continuous tense, past continuous tense and so many grammar rules. If you are new to grammar, take online quiz and check your knowledge. Writing error-free content is the whole secret of a successful writer. It comes by a lot of practice. Remember, you would never waste time in taking tests in grammar. The more you take, the better is your writing skill.

4. Write and publish daily

Generating ideas for writing and working on content systematically is a step forward towards success. Because, unless you write, your reputation does not grow to a level. This is a 3-step process. Read, write and publish. Before you publish, you need to check your writing thoroughly. Otherwise your work will be rejected. If you wish to reach clients for contracts, your quality of writing must exceed their expectations.

5. Read online

Many young people who are either in search of a job or planning for a career, prefer to choose online writing career. I would say, that there is a new writer on Internet almost every hour. How? Because they read online and expect to have their own website, blog and advertise their services. It is a fact that content writing industry has majestic opportunities for income. The criteria is only one - to write well. Check this fact with your writing activity - How much do you read online everyday? Keep the answer with you. But read more and more everyday. That’s how you learn and expand your career.

6. Practice learning

Never be with an opinion that you are an accomplished writer. That is never true. A writer is left with a new scope to learn a new aspect every time. When you are prepared and ready to learn - you take a new turn towards higher success.  In spite of being a busy writer, spend some time for learning.

7. Get feedback

You may think that your writing is going well and your clients are happy with your work. While that is a positive and encouraging factor, it should be a regular practice to consider their feedback. Because the source of feedback is your input for more consistent efforts for future projects. Therefore, leave an opportunity for clients to review your work.

8. Stay self-motivated

Self-motivation is the measuring tool of your patience. Never be of an opinion that your work will never be rejected. It is likely to get rejected in some instances. That is when you need to stay self-motivated towards revision. The golden rule - Revise, revise, revise and revise. Your efforts may be directive and prompt. But this does not guarantee that your quality of writing will be hailed. Be ready and willing to accept revisions. The golden secret is, the more you revise, the better is your quality. However, understanding the concept, clarity and knowledge to write prevail in content creation.


I am always busy in writing blog posts and articles. I critically check my work. In spite of my hard efforts, my writing comes back for rewriting. That’s okay. When I am into the writing career, rewriting and revising is part of job. This fact should be understood very well to stay profitable in this industry.

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