How Content Planning with Buyer Persona is Essential for Your Business?


There are many new startups still upcoming in planning. To make it work successfully to advertise and market products, content planning has its first place. Because, it has proved as a valuable source for many established businesses and some even found its way to becoming a giant business.
Where do you start content planning?
Content planning includes from a social media post to a long-form article on blog. Having a business blog
is the most common way of successfully reaching your audience.
The visitors find blog posts as most interesting and they even bookmark it for reference.
Having a blog on your website is the first step in content planning. After setting it up, you need to
consistently publish blog articles updating your first time visitors and customers to get latest updates
about your products, news and interesting information.

How Social Media Channels Can Promote Your Business?
If you have noticed closely, you find audience are more interested in checking on new products, news,
technology, lifestyle and even entertaining as most interesting. Seldom they miss spending time
on any one of the social media channels that are popular like Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.,
But there is a significance here to note and that is not everywhere you would find audience
for your business. Because each channel has its own uniqueness. For example Instagram is more like
lifestyle, family events, celebrations and holidays and mostly you would find photographs.
Whereas on Facebook, it is multi environment wherein audiences are not only communicating,
but they also share their ideas, opinions, events, celebrations and even promote business products.
Here exactly you would find audience of all kinds who are likely to become your customer.
What are the main segments of publishing?
True, you wish to take up publishing social media posts and blog articles apart publishing at
various reputed sources. The content has to be crisp along with quality. When you choose to
publish at your blog, you would study and research on the topic, work on subheads, information and
prepare an outline before you begin writing.
The secret of search engine success is to publish quality content where you get likes, shares  and comments.
Continuing to work on developing high quality content is the main criteria for the success of your
business and it should be ongoing effort without time gaps.
Include Marketing Materials and Designs
Memes, GIFs and Infographics, videos, presentations, diagrams, charts, innovative designs have a
special place for the audience. The likes go unending as they appreciate the art work. The designs that
you work must have theme, idea and a message.
Delivering a message to the audience that is either business, emotion, solution to a problem or a
snippet of knowledge, it must be worked out neatly.
To invite the attention of more audience, it is recommended to publish more in a day and it is a
time consuming work. However, the results are guaranteed. \
Devote more time for work on the marketing designs that interest the audience.
Blog posts, articles and designs have tremendous scope and opportunity for businesses to attract
audience to their website. The source of traffic is in fact here with excellent content planning.
Although video marketing has high ROI, you can convert the presentations into videos and
upload to your video channel.
Reviews and tracking of results is another important aspect. You must have the stats as to which has been
received well by the audience and which is not. This should be followed by making corrections and
changes to the content and marketing designs.
Understand your audience
Business and customer are interrelated and interconnected. They cannot go one without another.
It begins with a Buyer Persona. With a Persona you can understand who is your assured customer.
But, you should clearly know more about the habits, hobbies, income sources, interests and dislikes
of your buyer persona that can improve the chances of reaching your audience with right product
and accurately designed product.
Find the example of Buyer Persona - Creativity : Real Estate Homes


However a small business may be a perfect buyer persona with relevant content planning can help you find customers online. However, the work may have to be done in a focused manner with goals and objectives.
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