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Effectively understanding content marketing in 2019

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To talk about advertising and marketing of your small business, you need to develop
a content marketing strategy. To first understand how content marketing works -
it is important to know how to collect data and information about your business and from other
sources to enable for developing a specific process to organize data.
The information that you need to acquire:
  • Identify your business as B2B (Business-to-Business) or (Business-to-Customer) B2C
  • The main features of your products
  • The advantages and usability
  • Why your product is the best for your customers
  • The SEO keywords campaign
  • The SEO keyword selection
For example you own a greeting card business. How would you perform online marketing?

Find Buyer Persona here:

First you need a content strategy that comes first before the content marketing.
What is content strategy?
Content strategy is about creating a plan to set goals and tasks that these are assigned to
specific team members to work on acquiring data and information so that the plan may be
Apart from having a detailed checklist you also need a content strategy template that
keeps a track of members who are assigned with various roles and responsibilities to execute tasks.
The two templates give you a lengthy planning for preparing content for marketing your greeting cards.
In this process, you come up with questions like - who are my audience?
What are the upcoming celebration seasons and festivals? And who are my prospects etc.,
Apart from content strategy planning, you also need a Buyer Persona. What is a Buyer Persona?
A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on
market research and real data about your existing customers.
When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics,
behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.
(Credit: HubSpot)
A buyer persona clearly lays some of the imprinted facts like - who can be your
near-customer who is in need of your products and much interested in buying.
Analyzing+ a detailed persona gives you more clarity and understanding to market to
the right audience.
Once your content strategy plan is ready, the next part comes as content marketing strategy.
Why? Because, the content strategy makes you understand how to go about your business
marketing strategy and the required input and layout of work.
As the data and information is collected, the next phase of marketing is to design
content marketing strategy.
What is a content marketing strategy?
This will tell you why and what type of marketing is required. Some of the goals include to
generate leads, sales, turnover, increase customer base and perform brand management.
Whatever may be the predetermined objectives of a business, it is required to have a clear
set of planning for undertaking content marketing.
This strategy also talks about content type, channels, medium of marketing, budget,
responsibilities of teams and time-frame for completing each task.
With all of the ground work done, you are ready to set off for marketing your greeting card business.
To simply state, the following presentation would help you to give you a quick start:

 For earning profits and grow your customers, you are choosing the most popular Internet marketing and that is the fastest mode to achieve results. 
The only requisite is to ensure that you execute each plan systematically with good quality content and that is entirely in the interest of audience. Here exactly, buyer persona comes into play to guide you in the content preparation.
Many say that it may take time to produce optimized results to generate leads. But with social media as a primary source to find your right customers, your business very less idle time.
With systematic approach and methodology, both content strategy and content marketing flow in a cycle, content plan is executed for fast-paced results.
Effective implementation of content marketing that reaches the audience enabling
to meet their needs achieves success for a business. It is also important that
content planning requires excessive amount of critical analysis to understand the
likes, dislikes, interests, needs and problems of customers.

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