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Top 10 Best SEO keywords for article writing

Article writing is effective when it has researched and selected SEO keywords. With the use of Google keyword tool you can short list and select the keywords and outline your article.

Publish ten articles per day

In order to have your online presence, work at least on 10 articles per day with the selection of 5 SEO keywords per article. Select one topic/ niche and write all the articles in the same niche and submit to directories.

Top 10 SEO keywords for article writing

Low competitive SEO keywords are quite profitable to win traffic. So use the following keywords in your article and write interesting content.

1. Articles online
2. Submit articles
3. Article submission
3. Free article
4. Free articles
5. Post articles online
6. Submit article
7. Online article. Free online articles
8. Magazines online
9. Rewrite article online
10. Article directory online

Write outline first

Outline helps to write your article very fast. The more ideas you have for an interesting article, the better are your views and you can quickly finish off the article.

Have interesting sub-heads

Write catchy phrases and impressive sub-heads. This will help you to write fast with a lot of enthusiasm and to develop effective working skills. Intact articles with sub-heads are more likely to get more page views.

Process of SEO keywords

Use keywords in the article before you submit online. Your article will be taken care of by the search engines and it will bring perfect results. The more you pay attention to the SEO keywords to use all of these, it will fetch 100% results back to you.

Practice writing of SEO articles daily

If you are an article writer and have familiarity with article writing, register your account in SEO article directories and start publishing at least 5 SEO articles per day.

Limit the word count to 500 or more

Take time to submit articles online. Write 500 word SEO articles combined with a lot of interesting new and original content and this will bring you quite a number of customers to your business or profession.

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