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17 Firm Steps to Build a Successful Article Writing Online Career

As hundreds of website companies are being launched everyday, there is a clear emphasis on good article writers. There is a proven success stories of many article writing careers who began from the scratch. The best solution for writing good articles is to have a clear perspective about how to pen down articles.

1. # Article writing will go with you

As a fresh graduate college, you can have a clear understanding about make money writing articles and this is a very lucrative business. But the process of learning to write SEO article writing or the regular general articles will require many aspects of English skills.  In this aspect, one of the things that online clients look for is that, prompt delivery of good articles online.

2. # Learn article rewriting

When original article has to be rewritten, it must be done by different aspects to produce the best. Article rewriting is greatly in demand'.

3. # Start article writing services

In 60 days, with complete dedication and learning, you can surely achieve certification in article writing. As this is one of the Best and ideal online career one can make.

4. # Go for article submission

 The proverb  "practice makes perfection" is quite close for all online writers and promotes very good reputation as articles are published. Choose at least five article submission websites and earn recognition and build your portfolio.

5. # Submit free articles

Choose a website that is of your interest. Keep login and password safely. Start submitting as ,many as you can. You will soon gain a very good reputation and adequate skills to start working as an article writer. The more you submit, more is your advantage as clients and companies

6. # Earn money by writing articles

Lucrative career stays ahead for all aspiring freelance article writers with the fact that Internet is booming as the open platform for online advertising, marketing and product promotion. Articles are being made available for  numerous purposes.

Setting good goals and writing good and accurate articles can come by a lot of practice. One of the best ideas is to blog and publish articles online.

7. # Make money writing articles

The biggest advantage and internet income reliable source is freelance article writing. There are thousands of freelance writers who are making money from articles. But getting ahead professionally and making more money writing articles comes by good practice in writing online. There is a difficult path but it pays for those who work spending a lot of time in writing articles, blog posts and so much more. Publish articles as a guest writer and keep a regular practice of publishing articles online. Choose a aide variety of topics, trends and use Google keyword tool to select your keywords before writing an article.

8. # Be a copywriter

There is a large need for good copywriters. It can begin with blogging, article writing, article rewrite, SEO article or it could be anything. Once you have proved to be a good copywriter, there is a regular flow of copywriting jobs. Just learn the practice of writing at a speed, accurate in language and all other format styles in order.

There are many jobs online for a copywriter. Proficiency, good language and ability to write faster can surely bring success.

9. Keep a list of all clients

Customer is in great demand. As a writer, there are many things that you can do on your own. Firstly maintain a client list and keep a regular communication. Send'them newsletters, info and all other relevant content that can help in building a successful freelance online career.

As you highlight the needs of your customers, you get more work and more earning. It is important to give due respect to all customers.

10. # Write and mail newsletter to clients and friends

Many article writers fail to keep a regular communication . The first communication would be to send a weekly newsletter or share your blog post or share an online article published. There are excellent newsletter templates online that can be used in designing a newsletter. Marketing and advertising experts say that, email newsletter helps n keeping your mail-id and you can start getting busy over email newsletters.

11. # Reach clients online for article writing

There is plenty of article writing work available online. But the fact is, clients want a reliable good article writer. There are very few who accept loads of work while others struggle very hard to make both ends meet. Keep the work going and practice regular publishing of articles. As you earn reputation,  clients will trust you and give more assignments. Till that stage of achieving reputation, a freelance article writer must struggle to continue to provide work and earn money from writing articles. The essentials of good article writing are:

- Good English

- Grammarly

- Accurate article

- Fast and prompt in satisfying customers

12. # Practice more of writing quality articles

Many ask a question, why to write everyday on the blog.  The truth is there is a constant flow of fresh content coming online. Every moment and every day is important to get an update about article writing. Especially freelance writer must be capable of writing more number of articles every day. Keep a good collection of ideas, titles and well-researched info to frame an article. Set your article ready before it goes foe publishing online. Choose a website for regular publishing.

13. # Original articles win appreciation

Hard work pays always. Spending time in writing an article will surely help in producing good results for your freelance article writing career. In fact, this is completely unique in a way that staying self-motivated and working on articles will definitely help in winning the appreciation, rating and comments of readers online. Your article stays forever on our website or blog. It wins traffic, customers and business bringing a better scope to start earning more and more.

14. # Work on article title first

Every article online goes well only when the title is very good. The effort that is required to work on the title is very long and lengthy, as there is very stiff'competition among article writers online. In order to compete and project your writing as a top rated article, title must be very catchy, unique and interesting.

15. # Develop article writing topics

Keep a note book for r article writing topics and titles for blog posts. Once the titles are ready, work on introductio , body and conclusion. Provide ready solutions to the readers. Provide useful and lengthy form of clear articles to the readers and they would love to read. Be creative, innovative, directive and write with interest. If your articles are good, soon you have a very good traffic and some times, it will even be more to your surprise. Take good research on every topic and create an immediate interest among audience.

16. # Search freelance article writing projects online

With the maximized growth in websites and online busineses, you will never run out of work. Get associated with freelance websites and provide your sample work. Build your resume properly and ensure to keep applying for writing projects and choose a moderate bid. Remember there are other freelance writers who are as good as you or may be even more. So staying ahead in man aspects can surely win you writing projects and there you have good income. Freelancer should never say 'stop' or ' enough' but he or she should be working all the time winning projects.

17. # Have a blog for writing blog posts

For beginners and successful article writers, a blog appears to be a very reliable and unique source to continue and be a good article writer. In fact a blog is a zone for practicing your articles. Work on the article writing blog ideas and keep a list of blog post titles and content ready, so that writing, reviewing and publishing are done in order. Since every blog post has something new and interesting, you will notice that blog traffic is increased and soon you win a big readership. Publishing originally designed quality articles will certainly produce positive results in both establishing a career online and by building an easy portfolio online.


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