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66 Practical Tips for Beginners in article writing

Article writing in the world of web has reached its paramount of success. Not only it created a career and livelihood for many, but also it is a source for business to reach audience at various levels. Beginning from Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal to the Huffington post, articles are everywhere online. So what's the big deal about it? you may say, the truth is, as millions reach Internet for free information, articles are potentially searched after in the first place.

From small business owner to a giant enterprise, the distribution of content and information is spread through article writing. While many successfully find recruitment to work as editors, writers, journalists and content managers, there are others who still struggle in the kingdom of content to make their mark.

Launching a career in writing is a plus point as having superior writing skills is an advantage to publish articles or get hired for writing projects. It appears as a rough path as clients turn away or reject your application as you set off your writing skills confidently.

8 steps for successful career in online writing

Take it as a challenge and put efforts in the right direction. Like for example, to write an article, the following are the basic requirements:

- Good sentence framing and good grammar flow
- Good vocabulary
- Interesting content
- Resource of information
- Valuable analysis of your argument
- Resolving problems and offering practical solutions
- Helps readers
- Holds good rating in the present even in the future
- Talks about interests of readers

10 Tips for article writing

How to write articles: 196 tips to know

Quality comes as a crucial part for writing articles. It could be news, general, topic-based or any other simple article, paying attention to the writing style and creating a flow can be a lot of good type of article. Many editors check for quality followed by the writing standards.

How to qualify to write articles on insurance?

Achieving good quality writing comes by a lot of practice. It could be one article or ten articles per day, the difference varies in how you assess and produce content. The following are some of the essential tips to help you and establish you as a six-figure earning writer.

Is it so hard to write for small business marketing? Know Why

1. Create your own blog to practice writing as you step into the market as a writer.
2. Choose a niche that's expected to be profitable for you to gain expertise and this could be small business, SEO writing, software technology, Internet marketing, content writing, electronics, home, furniture etc.,
3. Publish at your blog very well-written articles that are researched and well-organized to read.
4. Ensure to keep the content original and avoid plagiarism.
5. Minimize third party links up to 3-4.
6. Plan a layout on your article before you begin.
7. Write according to the interests of your audience.
8. Discuss only one subject area of a topic. Avoid confusing your readers.
9. Write to solve one or more problems of readers.
10. Avoid either too much of vocabulary or poorly written English.
11. Read and re-read before you publish.
12. Add one or two images to the blog post.
13. Set sub-heads that can have 3-5 lines of a paragraph.
14. Avoid writing long paragraphs.
15. Make it a long article between 1000-1500 words.
16. Never forget to add conclusion at the end.
17. Check number of views, shares, likes, comments, feedback and response received.
18. Share the blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.
19. Assess, examine and evaluate your writing critically before planning to write the next blog post.
20. Work on blog post title and ensure to provide question and answer in the title.
21. Used digits - 10 tips, 21 tips etc., or How, What, When, Why, Where in the title depending on the subject.
22. Maintain good speed in typing.
23. Plan your writing for a day.
24. Be self-motivated as you invest your time and efforts to wait until profits start flowing.
25. Give special focus on the quality of writing instead of quantity.
26. Never be discouraged if your blog post did not earn likes or shares.
27. Prepare better for the next publishing.
28. Add YouTube videos wherever required to make your content more effective and interesting.
29. Remember your blog is your work sample and clients refer to your blog before they hire you.
30. Make it professionally presentable.
31. Keep a list of ideas that help you to pick and choose a topic.
32. Make content completely error-proof and readable.
33. Learn to write and write to learn. Keep this secret of success in writing.
34. Work on a set of series of blog posts at a time, that will retain the traffic for reading more.
35. Write to encourage participation and comments.
36. Never forget editing and rewriting.
37. Write an effective call-to-action - This means your audience should be inspired to contact you.
38. Maintain introduction - Body - Conclusion. Follow this pattern.
39. Use bullets, numbers, images, graphs and videos throughout the article.
40. Write promising headlines.

How to prepare articles for a dental clinic?

What to know before launching writing career?

41. Check for plagiarism and avoid copy and paste.
42. Gain expertise in one specific subject and master that completely.
43. Keep targeted audience while writing. Deliver valid points of discussion.
44. Keep one or more article for every piece of writing. What do you wish that audience should do after reading your article? Prepare the content in that direction.
45. The tagline of "content is king" "content is kingdom" and "content rules" are much relevant.
46. Writing for a business requires much more preparation.
47. Continue the practice of reading rigorously particularly in your area of skill and expertise.
48. Improve, make it better every time you publish.
49. Reading the articles of other writers and your published works must be compared for better version.
50. Article writing and blogging are the two major areas of writing for many writers. Read big article publishing directories - ezinearticles, articlesbase, and many others and identify the writing style to make yours a unique design.
51. Offer a combination of tips - simple, easy, effective, practical and solving.
52. Technical article writing requires lot of knowledge and it should also deliver satisfaction and professional prestige.
53. Technical writing could be coming from business, scientific, academic and engineering.
54. If you are successful in technical writing, you will receive a lot of publicity.
55. Organized and neatly presented is necessary.
56. Aim to gain more exposure.
57. Its always about the readers and never about you.
58. Often used statement "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
59.To write SEO articles, first gain knowledge about SEO
60. SEO calls for superior quality articles that convey indepth discussion which means - 90 percent customer-centric content and only 10 percent business promotion.
61. SEO helps in searching the web with keywords and to get search engine rank and results.
62. Searche engine and SEO are interlinked.
63. SEO articles are mainly submitted to SEO directories and there are specific guidelines for accepting SEO articles.
64. SEO article mainly focuses on information and an informative article has to be written.
65. SEO articles bring traffic and help in generate leads apart from branding.
66. SERP (Search engine ranking placements) also get a boost with SEO articles.


Although reading and self-publishing comes as a good habit, consistent efforts in acquiring skills to create valuable content is predominant.  Hard work follows success.


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