Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SEO Guide for Beginners

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SEO (Search engine optimization) has never disappointed online marketers. In fact the significance of its use and application with heavy research is on rise.

Recently a customer asked me, "Do you know SEO?" I said, "yes'", then he asked me "How well do you know?"

Did you notice, they want you to be an expert, not just knowing.

SEO is no less than skies.  It is definitely skyrocket and science behind it is always be ready-to-know.  Where is the beginning point to learn all about SEO?

From the point view of SEO writer, the following are key areas:

- Prepare quality or premium quality content with high yielding results which means the content is more and more interesting and audience-engaging for inviting traffic and to hold the interest of readers.

- Arrange SEO keywords more effectively while ensuring that they don't appear as fillers.

- Keyword density is maintained according to the word count and using primary and secondary keywords is more systematical.

- The goal and objective of SEO content is ensure while making the content appear good and appealing.

- Avoids plagiarism and free from any errors.

- SEO writer is busy with SEO articles, SEO web content and Internet marketing. However, quality is never compromised.

To attain expertise in SEO writing, technical knowledge is necessary that is mostly relevant with Google search engine. The technicalities of Google analytics and Page Ranking is fully convertible with SEO.

Keeping in view of heavy and stiff competition that persists rigidly, the smart features of SEO come into effect.

From the point view of small business owner/entrepreneur/marketer, the following are key areas:

A business marketer chooses SEO keywords depending on cost, competition, relevance and rate of conversions.

Choosing a high competition SEO keyword is likely to cause upheaval whereas less competition keywords show up more authority and in fact deliver ownership of the keywords.

Therefore, a business marketer wants faster results and to achieve the same, takes lot of research for best of the best SEO keywords.

Google gives the final verdict for all SEO efforts.  Because it changes algorithm frequently. It could be termed as fortune, luck or smart SEO implementation, results are fairly produced.

The smart thinking to choose the best and low competitive keywords definitely contributes to the overall success of your business. Alongside, content marketing takes its way to rule the kingdom of SEO.

The following are the Top # 10 SEO Websites that educate audience with SEO substance.

1. Moz

2. Search Engine Land

3. SEOBook

4. Search Engine Watch

5. SEroundtable

6. Search Engine Journal

7. BlackHatWorld

8. Mattcutts

9. SEO Chat

10. Wicked fire

The following are the Top # 10 SEO Companies globally

1. Vervelogic

2. Highervisibility

3. Directive Consulting

4. Ignite Digital

5. Verbat

6. Cartoozo

7. Bluehat Marketing

8. Cosmos Star Consultants

9. MediaOne Business Group

10. Demis Group


Content plays a major role in the success of SEO although initially it's SEO keyword selection. Learning SEO writing or certified in SEO offer very good career prospects. On the other side, SEO is like water splash for plants daily that boost the growth in plant. SEO for business is must and it must be done profesionally.

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