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11 Elegantly Efficient Working Ideas for Everyday Entrepreneurial Freelance Writing Business

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Did you know, you become an entrepreneur when you own freelance writing business? While some have already made their big way to success, there's growing opportunity for others to venture into this field.  Because as of 2017, there are 1 billion websites already and adding numbers every second. So, there you see, you can be part of this big massive content writing industry.

This is a guide for freelance writers who are still in their initial stages trying to gather more customers and increase revenue. Did you know, your income is relevant to the number of hours you dedicate per week or per day.

8-wealthy questions to identify when starting a freelance writing business

As many agree there are many benefits of being your own boss and these are:
  • Time at your end for time management
  • Potential scope to work any number of hours
  • Freedom and liberty to market your services
  • Million of opportunities to advertise and reach targeted customers
  • Regular stream of income
  • Devote time for family
  • Part-time or full-time freelance writing - 53% are women or the ratio is 71% : 51% of men and women.
With flowing benefits, there can be no other better opportunity for freelancing with minimum efforts in content writing.  So, there you have plenty of Internet sources to publish your works.  Publish at least 500 articles online according to your interests and do marketing of your articles so that you can get feedback, comments, likes and shares. 

How to be successful in finding first customer?

Many freelance writers pave back within the first 3 months of their home or office business and choose to try something else. For others, they do not find customers or generating less than $ 100 a month.  The truth is - your success depends on your writing alone and knowledge you keep in store. Because there are many areas of Internet writing - content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, content management, content audit, website audit, SEO (search engine optimization) writing and much more.

SEO Guide for beginners

Additionally, you need to choose and gain mastery over at least in one sphere. So driving towards gaining expertise will have you invest anywhere around 1000-2000 hours (approximately 10 hours per day for 3-months consecutively). 

You aim to stand among top 10 writers in your location or city. Although competition is stiff, your hard work can put you through the list.  Some of the tips for writing daily are:

  • Write and publish daily in one topic
  • Continue to write on that topic until you publish 500 articles
  • Read extensively and prepare notes before writing an article
  • Share articles among your friends and collect opinions
  • Answer questions in forums and build your profile
  • You choose to be an independent contractor that demands pre-qualifications to write not just well, but very well.
  • Set your writing rate. Mostly for beginners it's anywhere between $2-$3 per article 
  • Read your work and check content score and copyscape.
  • Advertise  your profile, writing samples in free online classified ads
  • Keep a track of your writing.

Are you an Entrepreneur within?

Are you a dedicated and devoted entrepreneur within? This calls for a volume of patience, good conduct, good oral communications skills, time management, customer relation management and talent to retain customer.

Devote certain specific hours for your work and do it regularly. Freelance writing does not bring an overnight success. It grows steadily. You have several responsibilities to build your profile which comes with a lot of reputation.  Create your profile in Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and share your articles daily. When you satisfy your first customer with good rating, other customers soon follow.  Doing homework for every piece of writing comes as a top priority.

True that there's a lot of competition out there as there are a wide varieties of writing jobs. Choose which one establishes you as an expert:

- Editor
- Journalist
- News Reporter
- Technical writer
- Fiction writer
- Business writer
- Novel writer
- Short story writer
- Internet marketer
- Web content writer
- Press Release writer
- Blogger
- Content writer
- Ad writer
- Content Marketer
- SEO writer

How to be a winning SEO article writer?

"Think big" and "out of the box" always in your business and that will explore many new opportunities. Keep a plan A and plan B and also plan C if necessary to move ahead in business.

Select your type of freelancing

What can you write? What is your major hold interest that you wish to grow as a freelance writer?  How much income do you wish to earn? Will you be a full-time writer or part-time?  All of these questions will lead you towards selection of writing projects. Select your niche to gain a good grip for producing high-quality content.

- Sports writer
- Travel writer
- Copywriter
- Medical writer
- Columnist
- Correspondent
- Outdoor writer

How to write articles in freelance way - Part I

How to write articles in freelance way - Part II

After massive growth in Internet businesses, there's a good chance for freelance writers to writer for small business owners who cannot recruit full-time writers. Some of these small businesses include - B2B e.g. wholesale vs retail B2C .e.g. business products for consumers. In these model, you can learn to write web content, blog articles, press release or develop content calendar plan.

The projects that come your way may be like a piece meal. But keep working as big projects come along after a period of time. Keep up the content quality.

Is it so hard to write for small business marketing? Know why?

Assess freelance writing market

It's never a small pie to be in business. Especially freelance writing market. Those who award contract always check and re-check for your credentials. Apart from writing samples, technical aspects of accuracy, delivery and contract rate are considered for selection.  If you notice job websites, there are more than 10 quotes for every project and there's no assurance that you'll be awarded the contract.

To prepare most compelling pitch, more than required writing knowledge, expertise in topic and proper business communication is significant.

Source of wealth: Six-figure in freelance career

Are you ready to spend few extra hours for content deliveries?

As a freelancer, you are the owner of your business and you make or mar your business. With a good wish to move forward successfully, dedication, discipline, devotion is necessary.  If you are working 5-8 hours daily from home, at times you may have to invest extra hours in order to complete the assignment. This requires a lot of preparation, when working from home. The best idea is, complete all the works required for family members, and get ready for your work. Prepare short notes prior to the writing and it simplifies your work to complete it early.

Content deliveries demand to be submitted in time for few clients. This calls for preparation, planning and adequate knowledge.  It could be a set of articles, blog writing or other content writing work.  When you create a specific content plan before beginning to write, you will surely complete the works in time and will be able to deliver perfectly.

In case rejections come up, you need to add extra hours. Reasons for rejections could be many, but you need to accept it and redo writing.

What freelancers think?

Young designer with baby son in home office : Stock Photo

There's a load of work waiting for you everyday.  Generally freelance writers think about - pending works, work-to-do, priority tasks, payments, calls to customers and advertising. You know very well that, without smart work, there's no flow of regular orders from customers.  If you set your thinking differently, there's a chance to earn work daily.

  • Think today you have last assignment and it demands perfection
  • Assign emphasis to quality, not quantity
  • Be ready to read, before starting work
  • First and last word is customer
  • Priority is customer and content
  • How you do doesn't matter, whether client has approved your work, that's what matters.
  • Do homework before writing
  • Think differently for profits

7-points for a career in content writing

Pre-requisites of freelancing

Portrait of female designer in home office. : Stock Photo

How many articles should you publish everyday? When you have formal degree or diploma and ready to break an entry into writing market, take research about freelancing market and get a view about profitable writing areas that will prepare you to begin learning as you go. Particularly when you are working from home, good Internet connection, desktop or laptop, phone and notepad will be sufficient. You also need to be good at typing, MS-word, Excel, Internet research, browsing skills and interest to read online.

17 steps to build a successful article writing online career

Many first-time writers think that article writing is an easy job. But it's not. Article publishing requires a lot of work, otherwise, they are rejected. Good writing skills, vocabulary, knowledge and technicalities are essential to publish articles.

4 amazing facts for success in article writing

Portfolio speaks

Dollar money and business : Stock Photo

Writing your portfolio is an important task. This is the document that brings you contracts.  In fact you can put it online. The more effective is your profile the better is the results.  It should speak about your customers, testimonials, titles of projects, sample links, guest posts, blog, education, experience and analysis of strengths and expert areas.  Be a freelance writer: 3 steps to building your portfolio

Design your portfolio professionally as first good impression brings positive results. Submit it either in PowerPoint or PDF format. Help other freelance writers in framing their portfolio.

Writing speed

Flying businessman typing on laptop with city in background : Stock Photo

Typing speed, accuracy, review and re-checking counts for approval of writing projects.  At times you may have to write short articles or long-articles, but your work and efforts is same. I mean, you put the same effort for content creation.  If you save time and justify the work done, you are able to do more number of projects. This will enable more handling of multiple client works. Never compromise with poor quality. Prefer to practice high quality content writing.

Setting up work Schedules

Female vet writing on whiteboard : Stock Photo

Time schedules provide a lot of help in content writing. Especially to chart out the list of clients on hand and first-come-first-serve basis.   Keep a notepad for writing today's and tomorrow's list of works.  Spend little time for preparation as it gives a clear picture to manage jobs-to-do at hand.  After all that hard work you have done, you want writing projects in a regular flow. Unless you have proper schedule and ready to start working, there's every chance that you would delay submissions thereby losing appreciation and positive feedback. To prevent such obstacles and hurdles, it's ideal to prepare well in advance and keep a list of priority jobs.  Follow these tips:

  • Spend time for research and prepare the notes
  • Briefly make a note of how-to start, what-to-write and discuss and conclusion
  • Record when you would be writing and time required to complete the work
  • Time you wish to allot and time for submission to client

Buyer persona 

Mirror reflection image of female with long hair : Stock Photo

Although client has confidence about your writing quality, your preparation and homework comes as a requirement and necessity to develop high quality content. Ensure that you have a persona before writing.  A persona is a hypothetical person whose education, interests, spending habits, saving habits and Internet shopping interests are considered to write content for targeted audience.  Personas could be men and women.

Personas help in many ways to craft content suitably and ideally. When audience read content, they feel engaged and find it interesting. This could be web content, article, press release, blog article or any ad.

Therefore, preparing how-to write content is the first and foremost groundwork that you need to take up as a freelance writer.

Find out more about buyer persona


You can write blog articles regularly and this will help your freelance writing business. 3 ideas to develop stunning blog posts  - there are plenty of writing opportunities available and the only essential need is that your writing should be absolutely neat and informative. Clients call poor quality work when there's no signs of any ROI (Returns on Investment) from the content. Remember that every small business owner has certain goals and objectives for a piece of content  and it is for the writer to enable to achieve client's business goals.  Mere writing would never be enough. Writing with high quality superior content will deliver more than expected results.

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