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8-Wealthy Questions to Identify when Starting a Freelance Writing Business

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Freelance writing is a huge business for many who must have definitely started off small. With or without having any preliminary writing experience, this is one great opportunity to start your career as a freelance writer that requires good Internet connection and a desktop or laptop.

Inspiring both men and women of all age groups, owning a freelance business is one of the right of ways in these online business era. Most of all, English is being the common business language, owning expertise in writing good English is the basic investment for success in content writing.

So, let's see what are the must-have plans to succeed in earning more number of clients from the day-one you venture into your own startup.

8 steps for successful career in online writing

How different is freelance writing from home?

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Operating from home requires self-motivation and dedicated interest to handle both home and work. But, many men and women have succeeded already with accurate planning on a daily basis.  Some add-on tips would be -

  • Keep a daily calendar of works.
  • Schedule your office timings.
  • Get a list of priority works.
  • Read 10-point guideline to understand your customer
  • Spend quality time for writing content.
  • Talk to customers.
  • Complete the day tasks within the stipulated time of working hours you have set aside.

Do you need a business plan to work from home?

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They say planning is everything. Preparation of checklists, templates, planning guides etc., are efficient tools to grow your business and have a group of customers who like your work. Methodical, systematic, pragmatic or whatever you name it - you definitely need certain preparation your freelance writing business.  Remember you are a self-made freelance writer and everything depends on you. Follow these steps:

- Have templates for content work.
- Plan for today and tomorrow.
- Keep the motive as words grow your earnings. So, emphasize quality over quantity.

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Do freelance writers need a business license?

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Apparently, every business need to have a license or permit to operate legally. Unless, you wish to have a separate entity or a firm for running your freelance writing business from home, you can actually start off immediately with no prior intimate to any Government body. However, it's up to you whether you wish to operate it from a blog or website. If you are opting for license, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the state laws.

How to get at least one customer a day?

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If you are able to generate a new customer once every month, you are doing great. In spite of stiff competition in the market, it can be stated that, you need not be disappointed.  Because, you should be playing with words always and that's your investment.  So,  what are the different ways to get connected to a new customer?

  • Use facebook to share a blog post or design a facebook post.
  • Publish quality articles at LinkedIn.
  • Build your online presence by publishing articles in one or more article directories.
  • Offer participation in Quora, Digital Point forum and other forums to promote your expertise.
There are always short-term and long-term clients who may be calling you for their writing needs. You may have to fix your rate accordingly. Provide content that not only satisfies the clients, but it also inspires them to come back for more.

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How to keep up the writing flow and tone professional? 

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Writing tone is an important aspect for every writer. The introduction, main discussion and conclusion are equally crucial for the success of content. It's is recommended to maintain the professional tone instead of being driven away with general tone.  There are many different requirements of content, especially for small business. They prefer professional writing skills.

So how to write professionally?

  • Stick to the topic and avoid deviation. 
  • Discuss in-depth with more details.
  • Write interestingly.
  • Use simple but effective language to reach the audience.
  • Write engaging content.
  • Writing works comes in different models and types. viz., web content, blog posts, press release, video script, infographic presentation, Facebook content, LinkedIn articles etc., 

Remember there'll be a lot of filtering by the clients before they select you for their writing requirements. So, the more professional tone of content writing you maintain, the better will be results. Additionally, your pitch should be efficiently crafted.

Difference between a busy freelance writer and a successful freelance writer?

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Are you a busy writer? or a successful writer? There's a difference between the two. A busy writer may be investing efforts to write more and win the appreciation of clients whereas the a successful writer is an established one and ready to take up any assignment confidently.

It's true that success doesn't come by overnight. There's a lot of hard work involved in it. Read -

The problem with freelance writing overnight success stories, and how to grow slowly

Additionally, get the checklist of what a busy writer does:

  • Writer is always working on content to publish to get more likes, views and comments.
  • Doesn't follow certain standard of pattern, but prefer to write randomly.
  • Lacks the ability to predict and forecast the results of published content.
  • Creates content without proper planning.
Checklist of a successful writer

  • Writer is confident and fully capable of taking up assignments with lot of preparation.
  • With input of adequate ground work, develops content plan before starting off writing.
  • Writes with certain goals and objectives for every piece of content.
  • Content aims at a certain set of audience.

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How to improve your earnings?

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Being a dedicated writer, your mission to earn extra earnings is quite moderate and in fact, you are running your writing business to help your clients and get paid. With this motive, you need quality content or superior quality content that not only achieves the goals, but works as a life cycle.  Go through the checklist detailing the top secrets for getting paid more.

  • Prepare the content that fully equips the business needs. 
  • Work with goals, purposes and objectives while preparing content.
  • Always provide extra quality that supersedes the results.
  • Top secret for earning more is to expand writing arena and gain expertise widely.
  • Adequate vocabulary, accurate grammar skills and capabilities to quickly grasp the content requirements.
  • Have writing plan, persona and checklist to write for specific audience.

Offer extra hours of customer service

Customers love to hear you call them and they welcome your interest in writing for their business. From the point of submitting your freelance profile till winning the contract, pursuing customer at every stage with effective communication is the most essential parameter to gain reputation. Read - customer service in freelance writing

  • Before and after content submission, communicate with customer asking about feedback, reviews and satisfaction for the submitted content.
  • Be willing to rewrite and redraft the content.
  • Dedicate few extra hours in reviewing the content.
  • Ensure to get a list of goals and objectives for the proposed content.
  • Assign special emphasis to build your freelance profile - Read build freelance writing profile that gets noticed.


After having debuted into freelance writing industry, you have to keep going and never look back. Just watch your work and give better scope for improvement. Remember, on one-side there are many good clients who respect freelance writers and pay and on the other side, there are those who disappoint writers by evading payments. Be watchful and select only genuine clients who operate businesses on solid grounds.  Because, there is never freelance writer salary - but you have to earn it penny by penny and it's lot of hard work. Build your profile slowly and steadily, and be assured of good results.

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