Top 24 Sources of Websites and Apps to Download Music

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Searching for music online is now most active and busy task. Your favorite music western, pop, jazz, rock, country, regional or folk, just type in the band name, you would scroll through plenty of search results. With free downloads of MP3 and other music formats, it's your choice and preference.

What are the top sites to download MP3 music that do not interrupt the download with good quality sound. To download fast and quick, you also need a good MBPS internet connection otherwise, it would interrupt the download.

Top 15 MP3 music download websites worldwide


6. MP3XD

12. BeeMP3

13. ClanMP3

While playing music online is such an easy task that quickly gets played from YouTube or from a website, downloads of music require proper working as you may have to recheck the connections and also ensure fast downloads. 

In the world of apps, music is quite wide and having an app on your phone or laptop also gives proper clarity to use best apps for music. The following are the top 10 apps for listening to music.

19. Pandora

22. Spotify

24. YouTube

 Now you have plenty of free and premium sources for listening to music. Catching up with latest music tracks shouldn't take you long as you choose one of these top sources to either download to listen online.

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