Thursday, April 5, 2018

Facial Recognition Technology and it's Benefits

Machine learning systems technology , accurate facial recognition biometric technology and artificial intelligence concept. Hand using mobile phone and Man face and dots connect on face.

Your Apple iPhone X or Android smartphone can authenticate your face and unlocks your phone screen.  Considered as most power security tool, you may soon notice that facial recognition may soon be implemented at airports, airlines and government agencies.

While the facial recognition technology is expected to be $9.2 billion by 2022, there are multi-fold benefits with FRS (facial recognition software). As enforcement becomes much more effective, FRS enables fast and quick identification of individuals wherever they are.

Used across several platforms both for safety and as a measure of security tool, it can be stated that FRS will be a leading AI-machine learning implementation across every sector.  While technology advancements have become much rapid, faster adaptability and usability have equally been growing progressively as users show a lot of interest and learning about new technology methods.

Facial recognition software clearly identifies the difference between your face and another person's face followed by either approval or disapproval. Many industrial experts agree that facial recognition solution offers satisfying results.

Although biometrics, face, iris, voice and heartbeat are being used as personal identifiers, it is certainly considered these are the future while PINs are the past. These measures have been introduced to reduce the fraud and also to improve personal and public authentication procedures.

Statistical Growth in Worldwide Smartphone Users 2014-2020 ( In Billions)

  • 2014             -   1.57
  • 2015             -   1.86
  • 2016             -   2.1
  • 2017             -   2.32
  • 2018             -   2.53
  • 2019             -   2.71
  • 2020             -   2.87

The locking system of the smartphone or checking of personal identification facial recognition software has much to offer for the benefit at both personal and public end.  This is most useful and easy process as a means of improved personal security measure. It is quite ideal to begin to use if you have face recognition feature in your smartphone whether iPhone or Android and start securing your data.

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