Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Design Customer Experience in Your Affiliate Marketing and Selling?

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Becoming an affiliate is a simple process although it can be hard to hit sales targets. But, as proven,  many have done it to their success earning millions of dollars from selling products online. Truly, it’s a very smart way of earning.  
You would now agree to accept a fact that marketing products as an affiliate requires a strategy. This means planning in content strategy and content marketing. This is the big buzz that really works for the benefit of buyers and sellers.
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Triggering mini-moments among customers can be a tricky task. However, working through the customer journey, you can definitely tap into customer’s acquisition channel.
It’s most essential that a product should not only connect a customer, but it should also create an experience apart from successfully achieving the needs.
If this is not happening, then it’s time to go back to the process of user experience design and start all over again.

viCreating a “wow” moment for customer can be a big hit for a product to go on with high volume of sales.
Imagine, you have auctioned your garage for sale and bidders are so excited with bidding from low to high. When “wow” moment is achieved, that’s when the final deal is set and customer is happy to takeover the garage. You would also say that you made a profitable auction.
Marketing mix factors to consider for creating outstanding customer experience:
·         Product
·         Pricing
·         Place
·         Promotion
With  big data, improved customer experience can be designed which is why companies heavily research on customer wants, needs, beliefs and requirements. Further, your product must bring a positive impact and change in the life of customer. Because, the demands of customers are constantly changing.

Amazon affiliate marketing plan

Now coming back to affiliate marketing, it’s not the commission you would be earning for generating CTA. But, it’s the value and customer experience you would be focusing on to be a successful affiliate.

This is exactly where, many affiliates fail to make it to the end.
Customer experience for B2B and B2C
It is quite noteworthy to understand the difference in customer experience between B2B and B2C.
In B2C customer decision is the final whereas in B2B, stakeholders are involved who have to collectively make a decision of purchase.
B2C customer experience is led by many micro-moments whereas for B2B, experience is led by goals and objectives for their business.

Selling and marketing of affiliate products requires in-depth knowledge in understanding customer, psychology, buying behavior, CX and accordingly content marketing is designed. Most importantly, identifying the need is most crucial for next step of selecting content marketing strategy. Franchisee, affiliate or a big enterprise, customer experience and customer journey design lead to the emulsion of many “wow” moments for customers. Productive efforts must be initiated in achieving all of these for final outcome.

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