Top 3 Proven Ways to Start Your own Small Business

small business

Small business opportunities have grown immensely after the emergence of Internet. Many sources of growth predictions say that small business opportunities continue to grow globally.
While some of the business ideas are home-grown, others include franchisee, agency, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer.

Franchise Direct

Franchisedirect offers plenty of business opportunities globally to choose a product and sell it locally. There is much of success accredited to Franchise Direct due to its massive marketing ideals and different models of small business opportunities. 

Amazon associates
Affiliate marketing explores to sell many products with single account. Ecommerce giant Amazon relies on affiliate marketing for identifying prospective buyers and pays huge sums to its affiliates. The process of opening an affiliate account is also very simple. Housewives, retired seniors and students are enrolled for this program and working statistically to market and sell Amazon products online.
There are fixed advertising fees offered by Amazon that range from 2%- 10% on kindle, books, consumables, electronics, apparel, travel items, fashion, jewelry and many other items. The inventory of Amazon is gigantic to accommodate every product of sellers.


Another popular B2B ecommerce giant is Alibaba. Global trade giant headquartered in Hangzhou,  China, encourages small business and startups to take the benefit of its various B2B categories products  - Agriculture to service equipment, you can choose any product and contact the supplier with your quote.
How to buy products from Alibaba?
Since you are importing from China supplier, you need relevant trade and customs permission from your embassy with proposed foreign exchange rate, i.e. Regional currency conversion to Chinese currency Renminbi.
Export and import experts recommend to make purchases through PayPal which is not only convenient form of global purchases, but also, it authenticates and validates a transaction.
You can track with the seller about the shipment costs and dispatch details.
Since China has majority of manufacturers whose manufacturing capacity is high, they will be able to supply in bulk quantities.
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Owning a new small business that has more attractive and in-demand products makes it much easier for selling. With the scope of online marketing, you can promote products on social media, video and website.