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How to interview and select an online article writer?

Online article writers are many and there is an entry of fresher everyday. Testing the writing skills of an online writer is very important. While some request a sample article, others would like to assign an article and go through the writing style. Native speaks and non-native speakers English language can vary in terms of global conversational and usage of English language. Although US English is widely accepted, very few online article writers are experts in that area while others continue to practice UK and Australian English. 
However, there are three most important factors of a skilled article writer that include ability to write fast, produce error-free info and good writing style with perfect English.
Business promotion is done with excellent article marketing and there are already successful businesses who are achieving good results generating online profits. But the question is who can offer good article writing services that boost and empower your online business. How to ch…

Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on business

Guest blogging is a reliable source to expand and increase your business. As a successful article writer, you can gain reputation online which is the most important key area for your success online. If you wish to earn clients for your article writing business, you definitely need to publish few guests posts so that your clients get a glance about your writing style. But how to get a list of these reliable sources who accept your guest post. Take research online and find out list of top websites that are inviting guest post. Before you send a query, you must go through their guidelines and ensure that write according to the guidelines. Select a niche topic that is acceptable as a guest post and submit at least a minimum word count of 800 or more. Make sure that you have lengthy and useful info that is never published at the website. Take good research and state new information that is found to be very interesting for the readers. Some of the important sources to publish guest post are : S…

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Article writing

Time slips very fast and your article is yet to be completed. You have plenty of article writing experience and you have a row of success at your credit. But still there is something that pulls you back and slows down your writing procedure.  You get a question,  how long does it take to write an article? Are there any set procedures to design an article and increase your speed in article writing. The fact is, you do not have to spend more time, when you have pre-plan procedure of article writing tips. Follow these simple steps and you should be picking up very fast in your article writing career.  Since it in an everyday process, you would like to win in your business every day. 1. Know complete details from your client about article writing requirement. Go through important links and sources and collect information about the topics. Give a thorough reading before you begin to note down what is relevant and important for your article. 2. Have a set of rules what to write in your articl…