8-Ways to Learn Content Writing for Business Presence Online - Part I of II

The term "content writing" became familiar with websites. As every website is in need of content writing for audience, describing each web page,career in web content writing has come into effect. As the content is centered on description of products and services, for the traffic to access services, the need for content writing has mounted to a peak level. Some of the top-level writing content writing needs online are -

Article writing

Article writing relates to the writing of a topic, subject or details of product.  While there are many types of articles, these are relevant to the discussion. Audience read articles online for knowledge and information. It could also relate to news article also. It's most crucial for an article to have introduction, sub-heads and conclusion.  While introduction can talk about what the article topic is about, sub-heads need to discuss one area of topic and explain the importance, significance, benefits and usability etc. An article delivers a message to readers and this is always something unique, new and interesting to read.

Particularly, if your article is having SEO keywords and backlinks / internal links, it would improve the value of the article. The length of article could be anywhere between 1500-2000+ that includes many sub-heads, paragraphs and bullet lists.

Try publishing an article and you will know about how it works.

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Blog writing

 A free blog can be created in Blogger or WordPress. With many beautiful designs and themes, you can choose a theme that interests you.  Blogging is also part of content writing as there's lot of preparation required for publishing. You are the author and publisher at your blog. So, spend quality time for writing and publishing.  Writing takes lot of time, yet, the results are guaranteed. The more you write and publish, the better is your skill in writing. 

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 To acquire experience in blogging, you need practice. Write and publish daily. Check views and comments. This will help improving writing quality. The secret of success in blogging is to be able to write content that connects with the emotions of writers. You are required to solve one or more problems of readers.  Bloggers are widely successful and if you promote products and make sales, you earn commission. You can monetize your blog easily and this is highly depending on the quality of your content. Preparation comes first to write a blog article. Collect the required data, information and relevant links before begin to write. Follow simple format of language and writing style.  Keep your readability score between 60-75. Use meta description and labels that enables showing up in Google search results.

Web content

 With millions of websites already existing and many more to arrive, website content is part of content writing. As compared to article writing and blog writing, web content is difficult as you need to gain an understanding about target audience, personas and assess the needs of B2B or B2C services. It takes time to learn. 

Work on web content writing services

Web content has much to offer for business

 There is no definite pattern for writing web site content - but certainly there are methods and procedures to develop useful and result-driven content.

For each web site page - content is developed as per the title. Like for example - "About us" page details about promoters, founders and owners of business and their profile. This is followed by product, services, blog, testimonials and contact.

Web content need to be interesting, audience-engaging and must solve the needs and wants of audience. Driving traffic to website is mostly depending on website content. Over the course of time, website content can be changed as and when required.

As web content writer, you need excellent writing, easy-flow of writing style, holding the interest and inspiration of audience.

To begin with, read online website content that gives an idea to understand and practice re-writing it.

Press Release

Press Release has a unique presentation at business level.  The benefits of writing a press release are - it reaches quickly and highlights the benefits.  To write a press release, you need info about founder, business products / services, how they offer and contact address etc.  While many creative and innovative businesses are launching online, it takes skill and talent to develop content for any type of business  All that you need is - vocabulary, error-proof writing and ability to write promotional content.

To begin with, click PRnewswire

Video script

Basing on video script, videos are made.  As mostly, this is promotional, how the video need to be prepared is detailed in video script. This is prepared either in a PowerPoint presentation or in a document form. The preparation of video script consists of variety of subjects. Beginning from business launch to the product / service promotion, video marketing is widely accepted by audience. 

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Content in video script  helps video maker to make it step-by-step without confusion. So this is completely screen-based and technology-based. As video script comes as technical writing, there's more data and statistical evaluation. Few tips are as follows:

- Guidance for technicians, artists and designers
- Movement and direction of screen
- Content for each screen
- Short stories with or without humor
- Timing for each screen
- Total video time
- Write informative, explanatory texts conveying different ideas
- Relevant content that has style and purpose.

Infographic script

 Infographic is a pictorial presentation about product / topic / business. 

What is an Infographic?

"Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends." (Source: Google)

To write Infographic script, you need to begin with a story.  It should have a beginning, middle and conclusion offering tips, overcoming obstacles and outcome. Write from the point-view of audience. You will deliver not only message, but will inspire and bring enthusiasm. Enable audience to experience your infographic and keeping many factors in view, script need to be written. 

While working on script - never recommend for too many colors, cluttered layout, mixed message that confuses audience, unclear data and data that has no empathy.

Content Marketing plan

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What exactly is content marketing plan? Content marketing plan is having a monthly or periodical plan for marketing your business. It begins with persona, how-to-choose marketing channels, publishing platforms and how-to write content and finally review of results.  Content marketing includes - blogging, article publishing, infographic, Facebook / Twitter post, LinkedIn article or online advertising.  SEO implementation leads in content marketing. 

To be able to prepare content marketing plan - thorough understanding of business is necessary apart from demographics, locations and opportunities.   For the preparation of content marketing plan, you can use presentations, videos, Infographics, documents and reports etc.,

Content strategy plan

 Content strategy is drafted as a plan for business to plan, create content and organize resources for content marketing. Content strategy plan is uniquely prepared for mobile marketing, social media and video marketing. With flexible content structure, content strategy plan need to be prepared. Although it's all about content, various modes of reaching to audience in many ways works.


With growing need for content writers, you have great opportunity to launch your career. With wide applicability and usability, the winning chances for making more money are real. Learn in-depth about content writing and earn reputation.

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