Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 10 premium android apps of 2012

As an owner of Android phone or tablet, choosing to have android apps is definitely a great task and there are plenty of apps that suit to the software of android and these are very good.
The following are the 10 premium android apps of 2012 and you can choose your choice and preference that suit to your need.  These are absolutely good in working and you will enjoy having these on your phone or tablet. You will soon enjoy the benefits and as you know this will be a very source of entertainment.
Android has a huge store of productive tools and these are ranging from free text editors and management apps that help in PowerPoint and Excel.  The first Android Google Doc app integrates with the contact list and creates a convenience for easy file sharing. Apart from this, it also uses phone’s camera as a character reader to scan documents.
The next app is quickoffice pro that offers lot of facilities and convenience for you to work on documents. This is definitely expensive but it manages power point and you also have a huge features that allow you to draw all the benefits of its working with quickoffice pro.

The free option of Olive office premium is also a very good perform of office documents on Android.  It efficiently handles, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Documents can also be saved in Adobe's PDF format. Further not only it supports rich text, tables, images and charts helping you with your work through Android and this is really a very good benefit.

CamScanner allows you to convert office docs into Android by converting photos into PDF format. This is the most useful feature and you can have any number of pages.

OpenOffice Android App is a very good format app that allows you to edit all the images. This is a free option on Android device.

Swiftkey is an alternate Android keyboard that offers lot of usability and features to work and use. The app’s system enables you to type and there are many usabilities such as recreating the whole text, and restoring the files and many more features.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer is another good android app that is preloaded in many phones with a free version. The free version offers document reading with full editing functions.  There is also another specific version that works on tablet and this is really simple but works very effectively.

Documents to Go app is another popular choice for office doc to work Android. This offers Power Point, Word, Excel and it is fully compatible with all the usual types of docs. There are both free version and paid and you can use it whichever you wish to go for and draw complete benefit of working on documents.

The paid option of smart office feature is definitely interesting and it is called as “first stereo 3D document viewing”.  This means it supports all the major versions of MS Office from 97 to 2010 and it also offers custom clipboard.

Office Drop is another doc scanner and reader and it comes with web-based document portal allowing the users to access and maintain their scanned receipts and docs with the medium of desktop. Files that are scanned through Android phone’s camera are converted to PDF with the help of app and this will be a good guidance to organize the results.

Working on android is not only versatile but very powerful offering numerous games, apps and also offers lots of fun. Todays smartphones are the major source of entertainment apart from its vast features to perform several tasks even while you are on the move.

Therefore when you wish to choose an android app you should carefully make analysis about the purpose and how you wish to use it. Your quick understanding and easy follow up also will be very effective in giving the good results to you.   Saving time and processing all your works with most productive tools that are free and simple will surely yield lot of satisfaction to you.

Especially it is for your convenience and comfort that these options are made available so that you are able to work and carry on all the duties and responsibilities at your job or business.
As a business owner, you feel absolutely proud for owning an android phone or tablet as there are many third-party options offering compatible versions of office apps.  Optical character readers, scanners and converters will allow you to use your phone for several purposes.
Now that you have complete know-how and knowledge about best android apps it will be very convenient for you to take a trial and choose a particular app that works efficiently on your phone or tablet. It takes care of you and gives you all the benefits and services. The latest buzz of Android apps is definitely more convenient and it lets you do several jobs at one place and will further be a lot of guidance and comfort. Satisfaction being the main source of Android users, the apps that have been developed are definitely in the interest of mobile phone and tablet users who are actually busy taking care of their works and who wish to perform mutli-task jobs in a short period of time.
So once you start working on your choice of preferred Android app you will be able to find the difference and you would like to make a decision now. It guides you through all the work and helps you in successful completion of your works and you can also draw lot of fun and entertainment as you play android apps games. The major benefit of being user-friendly will teach you and help you to learn fast and you no longer feel the burden of using android phone or tablet and apps easily. This is also in your interest and as a user you feel privileged to grab this opportunity to draw some of the finest services from Android phone and this is really wonderful for you.

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