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7 Points for a career in content writing

Online selling and marketing has tripled the need for content writing. How to get traffic and sell is most common search for every business. There is search for content writers, content marketers, content strategists, bloggers, article writers , social media experts and digital marketing experts in many freelance job websites. Some of the job sites are:


Create your profile and get alerts for jobs. Submit a cover letter for every job match and submit samples.


Require exclusive writing skills and must have a lot of experience to win contracts. If successful, you can earn very well.


Contracts will be very unique and if jobs are matching with your profile, you are likely to win a contract.

Freelance writing jobs

A very popular and reputed source to win writing jobs. Excellent writing skills are required to write effectively.


A marketplace for a variety of writing jobs. It is ideal to have 100% profile and details of portfolio to convince clients to offer you contracts.


This is an open platform to apply for jobs. On a daily basis, there will be many writing job ads to apply. Although the competition is stiff, you can easily get identified with your website and blog samples.

Alternatively, there are many websites to sell content. With sufficient knowledge in  specific topic/s, you can write articles that meet requirements of business/es and sell content.

Websites that buy your content :

You need good vocabulary, writing style, neat presentation and logical analysis for selling your content. Note that there are many business clients searching to buy your content  that has a combination of quality and information that meets their marketing purposes. So, it is essential that your writing skills are excellent.





While few content writers find full-time jobs with relevant qualifications and writing skills, others find it very hard to sell their services online. Because with stiff competition in content writing market, winning a contract has become an uphill task for many work-from-home writers. The fact is, Google Trends indicates the growth in term "content writing" on a high scale.

For a successful career in content writing, there are essential steps to gain expertise in meeting the quality standards of content.

Most important, understand the terms "content marketing" and "content strategy", the definition, applicability, related terms, writing style and supplying high quality content.

There are many other relevant terms for different content-related job tasks and these are as follows:

Content marketing is an effective source to advertise, market and sell products and services online / offline.

Some of the important queries of content marketing are as follows:

- Digital content marketing 

- Content marketing strategy

- Social media marketing 

- web marketing 


Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content Marketing Institute 
There is a notion that the term "content strategy"  is succeeded by content marketing. But it is vice-versa. Content strategy leads content marketing.


"Understanding what a content strategy is exactly, is a place to start. We have to start here with the de facto definition: Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content."
 Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic, and author of Content Strategy for the Web.

The queries related to content strategy are as follows:

- Content marketing 

- Web content strategy

- Social content strategy

- Content management strategy

- Social media content 

- Social media strategy

Read uxbooth's published article  complete beginner's guide to content strategy  it describes where to begin, what are the elements, components and tools required for a successful content strategy.

How to Learn content writing

Begin with publishing articles and there are many free article directories to create a free registration.

Choose a topic that is of your interest and write an article that is unique. Know that there may be many articles already published online matching with your topic. Ensure to pick the goal and objective of your article to be slightly different to help the readers to get another point of view from your article.

Example : 10 Tips to be a good reader online (This article is published already online)

You can publish another article with the same topic with the title: 7 Tips to choose career books to read online 

This is just the beginning for you and you have a long way to go to be a popular content writer online.

Tips for keeping your article writing goals :

- What would you like to convey your readers

- What is the age group of your audience

- Choose your writing style

- How you wish to benefit your readers

- Encourage positive approach 

- Keep your writing style inspirational

Native and Non-native English

The U.S., U.K and Australia own English language. Asia, Europe and Africa speak non-native English. Especially American and British English language is very unique. Many clients prefer choosing native speakers and you have no opportunity to prove your writing skill capabilities.

What you can do to improve your writing skills is to take online English grammar and vocabulary tests and gain 100% accuracy.

Keep a regular practice of vocabulary test online.

Take English grammar tests online

Read one or more e-newspapers

Read online articles and Google news

Read magazines

Choose a career in content writing

You may not be able to achieve expertise in all the elements of content writing in one attempt.

Some of the top jobs in content writing are as follows:

- Content writer

- Content Marketer

- Digital content marketer

- SEO content writer

- Content Marketing strategist

- Content strategist

- Social Media expert

A variety of jobs in content writing are available and companies ask for either for full-time, part-time or freelance writers.  But you need to be confident, persuasive, efficient and effective writer in your field.

The need for content writers will be ever new and will be growing because of the rapid growth in Internet businesses. But note that you need to extremely efficient in producing results with website traffic, designing and planning of content schedules and conducting meetings with staff.

If you plan to have a career in freelancing, you need to have double fold efforts to be a successful writer who is busy with clients earning more and more income from home.

Writing style for B2B and B2C

E-commerce is the hub of B2B and B2C. Your writing style should be varying for both B2B and B2C because of the user experiences (UX).

Having a buyer persona, customer journey map and guiding the customer with advantages of products and services will definitely yield good results.

But in order to achieve that target, you must a clear and detailed plan for publishing your writing and a  clear analysis of what your clients wants from hiring you.

Education and certification

An under-graduate education followed by a certification in content marketing / content strategy

Google SEO certification

Google Education Center 

Professional Writing skills

Developing professional skills and taking a lot of practice is the best way to be a successful writer.

Give more focus on error-free English writing, vocabulary and engaging content.

Advertise your services online

Choose Google ad service. It is the most cost-effective and an assured mode to get inquiries. In fact this is the most easiest way to grow fast online.

You can also choose local free classified ads and advertise about your freelance writing services.

Mail Me:

Website: alpha content writing 


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