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10 Tips to Sell Your Products with No website

Owning a small business is considered to be the most preferred source of income. You have plenty of time to plan, organize, advertise, market and talk to your customers personally. Especially with the success on Internet, online small businesses have grown by 100% in the last decade and expected to grow globally.

Let's say the era of  .com, .net and .org are actually promoting online presence and extending scope for easy business marketability.  There is plenty of investment going into the website registration and additionally the cost of web designing and content development also require budget as capital expenditure.

Starting your business at home without a website and choosing a free blog registration, is it a good idea to start off? True, there are many small businesses that are running without a website. But their success has never been small.

From the selling of nail polishes to the point of clothing and jewelry, there is every opportunity to do business with a blog. Except…