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Get 8 Steps for successful career in online writing

Writing for Internet takes a lot of practice. I have been in this career for more than a decade. Having seen trends rising how and low, it feels like, as a writer, I am always on my toes. Reading, writing and publishing. This is a recycling endeavor. I don’t mean to say that I have been a failure. My writing of articles, blog posts and content-related activities have been the best. I am also not denying the fact of native and non-native English writers. The style of writing varies a lot. But a good and smart writer is able to surpass all the hurdles and win writing contracts. Over the years, I have analyzed some of the facts with regard to freelance writing. I wish to share in this article to make you understand and guide you through to choose writing as a turning point in career.

2. Build Vocabulary

Did you know? There are 171,476 in 20-volume Oxford Dictionary.  Even for genius writers, keeping a count of nearly 100,000 words is difficult or to implement vocabulary in writing. So, …