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10 Point Guideline to Understand Your Business Customer

A small home-based business, SME or a giant corporate business, the search has always been to stay profitable in business. Sales consisting of products and services include a huge range to deliver the needs and wants of customer.

For every sale / purchase, the rate of satisfaction is counted whether online or offline. Especially with the growing interest for online shopping, sellers pay more attention to quote a detailed product description, images, price and time frame for delivery.

Every point-of-sale either builds or crashes a business. How to understand different demographics, audience needs, requirements and the purchasing behavior of customers is a very big question.

True that e-commerce market has touched a trillion dollar market and is growing rapidly. Some of the important thoughts to understand your customer:

- What my customer is thinking
- Why some customers buy my products and others don't
- Can I expect a returning customer?

1.Definition of Customer Satisfaction