Saturday, March 18, 2017

Google prepares to embed AI in Android O

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Google is preparing for its next major Android release - Android O.  It is expected that Google's Android operating system might use artificial intelligence. Additionally, more and more great features could also be coming up as part of the Android O release.

Some of the notifications are as below about the new OS:

Until now, it's been a practice to get new notifications system whenever a new version of Android is released and most probably Android O will be no exception to that practice according to 9to5Google.

Currently it's not clear as to how new notifications system will be appearing. 9to5Google's sources stated that the notifications would be "revamped".

Further 9to5Google report also stated that Android O might put forward new and improved multitasking features. The most prominent example is picture-in-picture mode, which is currently available only on Android TV. The new mode may also be featured on tablets and phones that allows users to avail and supervise one app within a window, overlapped on top of another app.

This feature would be a favorable addition, particularly on tablets. Tablets and phones now having split-screen mode on Android Nougat - which is a good feature. Picture-in-picture mode would add multi-taking on Android to the next level.

Android O will bring many more dynamic features in the user interface. For instance, badges may be promoted for app icons - a feature that Apple's iOS owned for many years. This would definitely allow you to see many notifications you have for any specific app at a glance.

According to a reported from VentureBeat, the Mountain View, California-based company is working on three new features that will correspond with the release of Android O.  These three new features are described as "intelligent" and proposed to bring Android to uniformity with Apple's AI-powered efforts on iOS.

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