Tuesday, July 4, 2017

8-Ways to Learn Content Writing for Business Presence Online - Part II of II

You have read 8-ways to learn content writing for business presence online - Part I of II 
and now let's dig into the rest of the content writing areas for promoting business. 

Digital Marketing plan

Offline or online,  there are many opportunities to implement digital marketing.  The primary aim of your marketing strategy is to reach your audience and generate leads.  Video or content need to prepared with human-interest. So, you need a realistic plan that works successfully.  Planning reduces stress and controls the good management of business.

Choose short-term plan or long-term plan and develop digital marketing plan accordingly.  A digital marketing plan works for customer acquisition and retention using digital tools. They support business goals.

Apart from videos, white papers and ebooks are also part of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing plan 

With every need for finding an opportunity to advertise products for the purpose of marketing, the new social media marketing has emerged strong and powerful that delivers a message fast and accurate. Further, the type of marketing could be anything such as - video, blog article, infographic, presentation or content, it is quickly seen by audience on





Pinterest etc., 

For every channel that you choose to advertise and promote your business, planning and goals are necessary. Identifying the needs of audience and creating content to solve their problems is the primary mission of social media marketing. Further, it brings popularity to your business.  Therefore, the content need to be created an interesting manner.

Read about social media statistics 2017

Online shopping is mostly invited through social media promotion.  Check Pumpkin articles

Business Proposals

What is a business proposal?  Writing a business proposal achieves multiple goals and requirements.  This is the first plan of action to take up a specific job. A proposal has every detail about the subject, plan, execution and how-to ideas.  Some of the tips to make an effective business proposal are -

  • Present the facts and needs
  • Discuss the data and identify the problem
  • Bring focus to the primary area of discussion and give steps of action plan
  • List benefits
  • Investment, expenses and profitability.

Request for Proposal

For the process of bidding or for evaluation of a product, RFP is necessary. Used mostly for IT solutions, it calls for an entire discussion, outline and layout to inform suppliers that an organization is looking for services and informs them to input their best. From the company's point of view, specifications of purchases are requirement followed by requirement analysis.  Helps suppliers to make their pricing more competitive. 


Now you know more about content writing areas and it's significant role in business. Not only learning, gaining an in-depth understanding is more necessary. On a steady, learning and implementation is carried out.

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