Tuesday, October 17, 2017

4 Key Areas for Writing Content

Content writing is one of the top most requirements online. Almost everyone who is either in business or have a career online, need content marketing. So, where exactly, the process of content writing begins.

Do you have a content plan before writing?

Having a content plan gives a route map for starting off easily.  There could be many angles of a topic to discuss, but writing unique aspects that inspires, encourages and meets the needs of reader, is the most compelling aspect of content. Lacking this, many websites and blogs poorly perform and finally writing is a mere waste of time.

So, what are the prominent and crucial areas of content plan?

- Target audience - age, gender

- Introduction

- Discussion

- Highlights

- Identification of needs

- Interesting, engaging content  from the point view of reader

- Assess why your content is most important for visitor and what he or she searches for in content

- Discussion of problems and solutions

- Offer concrete conclusions

- Ensure to check content writing examples

What is the purpose and goal of content?

Every piece of content published online has a purpose and a goal.  Writing content without any goal or purpose achieves zero results.  Whether an infographic, video, blog post, article or web content, chart a purpose.  Check content writing tips on how to write with a specific goal.

For example - a blog article needs to be informative to drive traffic to your website and generate purchases. So, in the blog post, you should drive a need and write it emotionally.

There are many content writing websites that lag behind for not having prescribed goals for writing content.

Do you consider the support of a persona for developing content?

Content speaks with audience.  Specifically, if you have aimed at target audience, your content need to engage readers so that they receive benefit to make a decision.  Persona is a targeted-individual whose profile of education, income, hobbies, interests and family details.

Persona gives a clear view to communicate.

Are there any SEO keywords?

Do you use Google Keyword Planner? There are many other popular keyword tools like Moz keyword planner, wordstream etc., The tools provide you with high and low competition keywords to be found in search engine results.  Ensure to choose either low or medium competition keywords to help your content found easily in search engine. 


Content writing may appear as a tough task. Yes, sure it is. But, if you keep proven tools, you are sure to get clicks, shares and likes on your content. It takes a lot of practice and in-depth understanding of how-to principles of content.

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