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Google Assistant gets ready for Android smartphones

(Source:Getty images/Bloomberg)
As an alternative to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant is now being rolled out to Android smartphones operating Marshmallow and Nougat versions of the mobile OS. At Mobile World Congress, the company agreed to bring Google Assistant to many devices and now it has accomplished that agreement.
Offering a conversational user interface, Google Assistant is an upgrade over Google Now, Digit reported. The AI-built was primarily showcased at Google I/O 2016, and was later introduced with the company’s Pixel smartphones. The Assistant was also made available on the Google Home speaker, Google’s Allo messaging app and latest on Android Wear 2.0. Google plans Assistant to boost as many platforms as it can, including Android TVs and set-up boxes.
Google Assistant allows you to speak easily with what you want and access answers. Booking of tickets, having conversations and complete some actions are also take care of when it everything is going great. O…

Bitcoin price ascends and leads ounce of gold cost

Source:Getty images/Thomas Trutsche
The price of a single Bitcoin went above the cost of an ounce of gold for the first time on Friday. While Bitcoin price ascended to $1,289.09 per unit, gold dropped to $1,231.5 based on March futures.  While the units of measurement of Bitcoin and gold are incomparable, the declining price of gold and growing price of bitcoin is still significant, Fortune reported. The demand for gold that investors quickly hold on to in the scenario of unpredictability and volatility, has slided since the election on a stronger dollar, indications of future interest rate hikes and inherent business-friendly policies that may arise from the Trump administration. Further, the upcoming regulatory changes would also increase the chances of higher-yielding stocks. On the other hand, volatile digital currency has recovered from a plunge and that’s at least moderately due to predictions that one or more of three proposals for a Bitcoin exchange traded fund may likely ga…

66 Practical Tips for Beginners in article writing

Article writing in the world of web has reached its paramount of success. Not only it created a career and livelihood for many, but also it is a source for business to reach audience at various levels. Beginning from Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal to the Huffington post, articles are everywhere online. So what's the big deal about it? you may say, the truth is, as millions reach Internet for free information, articles are potentially searched after in the first place.

From small business owner to a giant enterprise, the distribution of content and information is spread through article writing. While many successfully find recruitment to work as editors, writers, journalists and content managers, there are others who still struggle in the kingdom of content to make their mark.

Launching a career in writing is a plus point as having superior writing skills is an advantage to publish articles or get hired for writing projects. It appears as a rough path as clients turn a…

SEO Guide for Beginners

SEO (Search engine optimization) has never disappointed online marketers. In fact the significance of its use and application with heavy research is on rise.

Recently a customer asked me, "Do you know SEO?" I said, "yes'", then he asked me "How well do you know?"

Did you notice, they want you to be an expert, not just knowing.

SEO is no less than skies.  It is definitely skyrocket and science behind it is always be ready-to-know.  Where is the beginning point to learn all about SEO?

From the point view of SEO writer, the following are key areas:

- Prepare quality or premium quality content with high yielding results which means the content is more and more interesting and audience-engaging for inviting traffic and to hold the interest of readers.

- Arrange SEO keywords more effectively while ensuring that they don't appear as fillers.

- Keyword density is maintained according to the word count and using primary and secondary keywords is more syste…