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6 Difficulties in content check - Discussion of Solutions

Getting into content writing business is much easier as against establishing as a good content writer.  Projects are always coming your way and there's no other write who writes like you. Compliments on that! But what if, you have been few difficulties in content writing. How would you solve?

Some of the crucial problems that you may come across are:

1. Hectic writing schedules

As an established writer, you have multiple responsibilities to attend and deliver writing projects. If you are a freelancer, you still have a great burden of completing writing tasks.  Your clients want timely submissions and any delay may cause disappointments.  Most importantly, while ongoing projects are keeping you busy, you cannot afford to take up new projects or else, you may have to send content preparation calendar and request client to wait for a while.

Content writing is the most ingredient for every online business. Both time-taken and quality submitted are carefully examined before it is published. What you need here, is a systematic approach to the writing jobs and doing SWOT analysis for achieving content approvals.

With years of experience, you clearly understand and know about various niche, type of content - articles, web content, press release, social media posts etc., Amidst of working processes, you can never reject a client's work as it leaves a negative impact on your business.

The best remedy available is to accept the call of a client, or send a politely written professional mail to the client about jobs-on-hand and request for time to submit content.

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2. Unable to meet deadlines

Work-from-home or office, your writing contracts turn haywire, if you do not meet submission deadlines. In fact, it even reflects on the sale proceeds of your business. Especially, working as a freelance writer, brings in many more challenges - like take care of family and also maintaining cordial relations with clients.

In order to make timely submissions, it's a good idea to have a content sketch or content plan about the main objectives and goals of a piece of content. This ensures more clarity and concise view to finish writing. Having a clear content map helps you to add every point of discussion, of a business.

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3. Requests for revisions

Revisions are a source of loss of time.  Getting it through for the first time, is the right way to grow your content writing business.  The basic fact is, you spend sleepless nights, until you make it approved. There is a lot of hard work appearing here.  The best remedy available is - to check and re-check the requirements of content before writing.  Ensure proof reading and grammar checks for final approval.  It's also essential to communicate with client to find out their business objectives.

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4. Inadequate research

Research is part of content writing.  It's not about competition, but the aim is to prepare high-quality, engaging content that satisfies your client. A satisfied client comes back for many more services.  Before writing, check Internet for primary research and to get few relevant discussions that explores your knowledge on the subject.  Even, if you writing in your own words, it's likely that value may not be added to the content. Accommodating properly organized information is the best method to practice genuine content writing services.

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5. Lack of content planning

Without planning, you can never get a valuable output of content. Every piece of content you develop - web content, press release, SEO articles or social media content, you must need a content plan. Planning works like this - first, the type of content you are developing, viz., blog, article, web content, press release, SEO article etc., second, the purpose of the type of content, namely, promotion, informative, marketing, announcement or any other purpose of content for writing. Third - the message to the audience via content. Check your persona.

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6. Missing unique quality

Running through plagiarism checker, produces the results of content preparation such as uniqueness,  readability score, SEO keyword density etc.,  Writing differently in high quality comes as a skill and for many writers, it takes years to come up the standards that hirers look for.  However, regular practice, methodical and systematic approach in content creation can be an added +.  Missing any of the good quality parameters can actually lessen the chances of writing well and turns away those who wish to hire you.

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However hectic, special emphasis on quality writing is a must. Content development on various topics with satisfying content is a hard labor job, hurdles exist. But, ensure to stick to progressive and productive nature of producing effective content. Never give up. Withstand obstacles in writing and you will among the top successful writers. 

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