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28 SEO Tools That Boost Your Website or Blog Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has much for your website or blog. From the selection of keywords to the checking of keyword performance, you have a keen job to follow until you notice the uptrend of traffic.

The benefits of selecting best keywords that work for your business are - it helps search engines to help online search queries to display your website in search results.  Competition in business is quite a common trend and for the purpose of SEO marketing, you need plenty of keyword ideas. In this process SEO keyword tools are of great help in evaluating your keyword selection. Some of these useful tools are:

# 1. Google keyword planner

# 2. Wordstream

# 3. Moz's keyword research tool

# 4. SEO monitor

# 5. SEO Book

# 6. SERPS

# 7. SEO Review Tools

# 8. Word Tracker

# 9. KW Finder

# 10. Cognitive SEO

# 11. SEM rush

As y

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Content Writing

Content writing is powerful and works for positive results. Though simple and easy to work with, it requires lot knowledge and hard work and there is no limitation on how much you can know and write to publish online. With many new business websites in launch, creating web content, press release or SEO article is a busy schedule and unless you work on it with systematic approach that is with a strategy, there are no guaranteed results and it may even result in higher bounce rate. The most common misconception is to start off randomly and write it easily with no keywords or content strategy.

How content marketing drives sales?

How to create a strategy for content if you wish to follow a set of pattern of writing that includes not only SEO, but also it has content that is most engaging with readers. Without having a proper content strategy, you have no guarantee of the performance of content or a positive return of results.  While content writing comes by piece, content marketing offers…

How to Make Your Content Work for Your Small Business?

Content is everywhere online. It is the most prominent area for every business to seek online presence. From website content to social media posts, the preparation of content is worth and valuable as it delivers targeted results. Without having much content on your website or blog or facebook page, you cannot expect visitors to check your website.

1. What does content do?

Every piece of content published online does its job in winning traffic. Depending on the quality and topic of the content, it invites the interest of the audience to read the content and even redirect clicks to your website. It generates sales, leads, revenues and even establishes your brand identity online.

2. How much of content need to be published?

There is no end for publishing online. You can publish any volume of content on a regular basis with the help of content calendar. It helps you to keep a track of the performance of content you have published and enables scope for improvement.

Small business to grow on…

Small Business Trends in 2018: What to Know?

It is just the point of decision to start your own business and the dedication you attach to it. Soon it will be in its good heights as there is excellent scope to make a living with Internet.

Article writing is currently leading as an opportunity to earn from home. This is an ideal part-time job for housewives, students and professionals. As a beginner, you may not know where to start. Internet has a lot of information on how-to write quality articles that audience read. As compared to any other writing jobs, article writing has no hard-and-fast rules. It is just that you need a lot a practice in writing good English that inspires readers.
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Many article writers feel that they spend a lot of time in writing, and even then they are not hired. But the fact is, you need to reach to that level where clients wait for your work and they search for you.  In order to reach to that stage, apart from practicing writing, you need speciali…