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Top 9 Small Internet Business Ideas

Staying in the field of article writing, it is a great experience to devote time to research the online and to create the content in a rewarding manner.

But it does not click always as many article writing forum members say that they have either experienced a good client who rewards with payment for excellent writing or slashes the payment.

It happens with many writers and it is time to have a clear chart sheet to move forward to earn freelance job writing contracts.

1. Invite your clients to have a reading of your website or blog

2. Brief your framework, profile and expert areas

3. Quote your prices

4. Discuss payment terms

5. Delivery period

6. Feedback, review and opinions

Since article writing is going its heights online, writing contracts have been expanding and will continue to grow.

Your skills and expertise matter most and you should make sure that your clients are seeking your services regularly.

Build and gain more reputation online and never stop practicing writing.

As a freelance writer, you are greatly in demand only when your writing quality is exceptionally good.

Try hard and write regularly on your blog and share it on facebook.

Try the following writing techniques to win a contract everyday.

1. Write interesting blog posts

2. Collect a variety of articles that explore about your topic.

3. Share your work on social media.

4. Comment online when you come across a good piece of article.

5. Read, write and practice.

 When you are disappointed for not winning writing contracts

Remember that your peers have made it to their success and you will be achieving it. But your hard work and dedication should be consistent to ensure that you get emailed for developing articles, blog posts, web content and much more.


Writing jobs are full of profits. How you are doing it and the strategy you are applying to sell your work online is very important to earn profits.

Small Internet business ideas are more creative and innovative in 2016. When people that Internet businesses are saturated, that is the time when new business ideas come up from professionals who inspire and encourage small business entrepreneurs.

While many say that there are many risks in small business management, there is still a lot of success still available for the benefit of small business start ups. The success is there in the mind of starter and in this line of thought, it is ideal to follow best business quote.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
 -Henry Ford-
"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."
  -Henry Ford-
'Don't find fault, find a remedy."
 -Henry Ford-
With nearly 3 billion Internet users, you can just expect volume of start ups flowing and the point is everyone would like to give their best. This is exactly why competition in business exists.

In this scenario, when you plan to own a business, where do you search for ideas. What are they? Will it work? These are some of the questions. But, surely there are answers as the age of information era is expanding and increasing the quality of data.

It is up to you to choose your small Internet business with effective business plan.  

 Amidst of this analysis, there is no dearth of small Internet business ideas. Some of the ideas are discussed here in the blog post.

1. Money Saving Advisor

Are you good at money management? Do you save more money? Then this is the best business opportunity for you. Why? Because you can help others to save more money and give them professionally proven ideas to save their earnings.

To start this business, have a website, a blog and Internet. Blow your trumpet of advertising and marketing to get inquiries.

It is not the point of not having enough money but it is about spending and saving.

As this business does not require any capital investment, you can immediately start this business tomorrow and own you ideas to help customers with their savings.

In order to solve the problems of your customers, it is appropriate to say that as a professional, you are well-informed about money saving techniques which is definitely in your favor.

Many know about saving money, but they need professional advice with suitable recommendations to spend and save.

This indicates that many are salaried or small business employees.

The stats indicate that, poor income - low income - middle income groups require money advice.

2. Advertising content writer

 Advertising is a very big opportunity for many businesses. If you have skills to write customer-centric ads your success rate is high. Companies are in search of advertising content that can get more traffic and sales.

The writing skills essential to write ad content include:

- Knowledge about advertising market

- Ad content creative ideas

- Knowing about business and customers

- Customer experiences

- Business goals 

- The interests of buyers

- Buying psychology

- Customer behavior

- Customer decision-making 

Recommended Reading:

As you are successful in helping businesses to get traffic, you are likely to earn more with your reputation.

Some of the regular advertising sources for businesses are:

Google ads

- Facebook

- Pinterest

- LinkedIn

- Twitter

- Instagram

Each channel has certain type of content for projecting audience and this being a very important feature, as an advertising content writer, it is essential to have an ocean of writing skills for creating high quality ads.

 Start your own blog and demonstrate your skill and write sample ads for your clients to impress. Read published ads for professional benefits.

3. Ideas consultant

Do you have specialized skills to get best ideas to advice customers? Can you do it professionally?  This is definitely an innovative field as you are exploring different fields to find customers who are in need of an idea. To be able to accomplish this profession, not only will you need extensive Internet business knowledge and an in depth analysis, but also expertise to prove that your ideas will work to the benefit audience.

You have a busy activity in this business consultancy to keep your mind very busy listing new ideas for customers.

You know it very well that "everything begins with a small idea" and the only criteria to check the idea professionally, about the possibilities of its outcome.

4. Personal counselor

At times when there is a dire need for counseling, Internet is searched for to find a professional counselor. The need for a counselor may occur for career advice, choice of course, finding jobs, change in jobs, career upgrade and with so many concerns for well-being, there is a need to seek an advice.

Are you willing to go for this Internet business? You can arrange for a video conference or a facebook time and give your professional counseling to help your clients.

In fact, even corporate management also consults you when you have a big line of reputation for providing best solutions to the emerging concerns.

Recommended Reading: Presto Experts

5. Professional coach

 Do you have enough patience to spend time with your clients? A kind heart and mind to hear them? Are you capable of creating solutions to their problems? If you say 'yes' then you have this opportunity to launch your professional coach business for you. 

To be successful in this line of business, apart from education, you need specialized skills, experience and capabilities to advice, recommend and solve the problems of your clients. Every piece of information is valuable for you.

It is ideal to have a certification or attend a program in professional coaching to get a view as how it operates and your duties and responsibilities to help communities.

Advertising your services in local / state communities will definitely set you as a professional..

6. Business emails writer 

There are hundreds of email newsletters everyday that get delivered to inbox. It is said that nearly 85% of businesses drive their clients via regular marketing campaigns. Also called as copy writing, email newsletters are greatly in demand to get traffic to websites and blogs.

Specifically those that sell products / e-commerce, ensure to work very hard on designing excellent content for email newsletters.

Would you like to choose this line of business?

The most surprising fact is, there are already hundreds of copywriters, but there is still growing need for copywriters?

You have a massive opportunity to start helping your clients to drive traffic and leads.

 7. Recipe Provider

 The results produced in the Google first page indicate the interest for food and the rapid upload of recipes to the Internet.

 Pinterest, Google+  Facebook, YouTube and recipe websites are flooded with recipes. Are you a good cook or would love to eat delicious recipes? This idea comes as an innovative small Internet business ideas to send a recipe video or a doc to clients who wish to have a certain recipe quickly.

Let's just see how it works:

1. Client sees your ad and calls you to send a video of a particular recipe
2. You quickly pull the recipe from Internet and share the video along with the recipe ingredients doc
3. Client pays you through online

You can have a wide collection of continental and inter-continental recipes on your blog or website and help your clients.

Since there are many busy schedules for working parents, housewives and seniors, this is one idea to help them to prepare delicious meals for their celebrations.

8. Funny video maker

Amidst of hectic work schedules and domestic life, sometimes there is no time to smile or laugh. The bucket list is just full of to-do things.

With minimum knowledge in software, you can quickly start making funny videos and upload them to YouTube. You will make more money for more views.

You can launch your own blog and start marketing campaign as a video maker.

 9. Digital photo album professional

With Google photos feature, there is excellent management of personal photos. But with just one step ahead, it is a good idea to create photo albums and these are very attractive. For birthdays, weddings, festivals, corporate meetings or special occasions, photo albums or AVs (audio visual) are greatly in need. With this opportunity, you can start your own business to be a digital photo album maker and help clients with their photo collection.


As I convey my heartfelt thanks to the sources I have quoted in this article, kindly take the fullest benefit of these sources and develop your small Internet business ideas for your profit and reputation.

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