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88 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Software for Business

88 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Software for Business

What is the definition of artificial intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.[1] Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving"
(Source: Wikipedia)

The intelligence of the machines and the communication between machines with an ability to think and in this methodology, machines are designed. While the researchers are making efforts to attach emotional quotient (EQ) to the machines along with AI, there are many companies that have already implemented AI into their systems.  Further there are AI software with effective working standards for a business. 

Advantages of AI:

1. Higher accuracy

Robots can work in any climatic conditions and atmosphere and with this advantage, they can enter space and be there for any volume of time resisting any atmospheric conditions. 

2. Scope for high-end exploration

Robots are of great help in exploration and discoveries as they can work hard untiringly and produce accurate results while humans get tired and work with certain limitations. 

3. Daily implementation benefits

AI is widely implemented in banking and financial institutions for face detection and prevention of fraud by using smart card system. Further AI has made an entry as GPS and especially Siri and Cortana helping in finding results for everyday queries. 

4. Work as digital assistants

Saving the requirement of human resources, digital assistants interact with users. The absence of emotion in robots, in fact, enables to think logically for making right decisions. There are also no imbalance of moods for robots unlike humans. 

5. Fast execution of repetitive tasks
Repetitive tasks are easily performed with the help of machine intelligence as machines think faster than humans and even carryout multi-tasking. 
 6. Robotics in Medical applications

Most often doctors are trained with the artificial surgery simulators. Robotics help in treating depression and radiosurgery ( A process to operate on tumors)  With the help of AI, doctors find it much easier to detect health risks.  It also educates them about side effects of various medicines. 

7. Work uninterruptedly

AI enables to work without breaks or intervals unlike humans. Robots do not get distracted or tired of work. 

Now let's find out about the best Artificial Intelligence Software available for the benefit of business.

1. Timely

2. Astro

3. H2O

4. Braina

5. nanoRep

6. Recast.AI

7. Yodel

8. Amy

9. Clarifai

10. Lumen5

11. Metigy

12. Atomic AI

13. Ereuna Systems

14. Quill

15. Ultra Hal Assistant

16. ChatbotsBuilder

17. CrowdFlower

18. Persado

19. Reach Accountant

20. SpotIQ

21. A.L.I.C.E

22. Ada Support

23. Agile Lane Insights (ALI)

24. Ai Auditor 

25. Aiida

26. Albert

27. Arimo

28. Astute Knowledge

29. Axonize

30. Byron

31. CheckRecipient

32. Chirpify

33. Clara

34. Cliengo

35. CloudSight API

36. Concured

37. Cortex Intelligent Automation

38. Coseer

39. Davinci Labs

40. Daxtra

41. Deep Learning Studio

42. DeepAI

43. Engage Commerce

44. Epiphany Publishing Platform

45. Eva

46. Eve

47. Hiro

48. Ideal


50. Impelo virtual assistant

51. Inbenta artificial intelligence

52. Indico

53. Infermedica API

54. Infosys Nia

55. Joonko

56. Kore

57. LiveWorld

58. Lucy

59. Mercanto

60. MonkeyLearn

61. Motiva AI

62. Now Assistant

63. Omni Channel contact center

64. OneReach

65. Ori

66. Phrasee

67. Playground

68. Prevision

69. Prisma Campaigns

70. Purple Wifi

71. Realty AI Tools

72. Recombee

73. ReFUEL 4

74. SecondEgo

75. Sia

76. SmartKai

77. Sophatar

78. The Analyst Toolbox

79. The SaaS Co

80. This Way

81. Transcribe Flow

82. uKIT AI

83. Vestorly

84. VisiRule

85. Visual Intelligence

86. Warden

87. WireWax

88. Wordsmith


AI is the future of technology and soon, we will be able to witness the communication of Robots for performing everyday tasks in daily lives. However, it can be confidently stated that future with AI is much more proactive than the current day and AI gives more prominence for logical reasoning, reduction of errors and maximizing the productivity.

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