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Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages for E-Filing

Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages for e-filing

Filing Tax Returns is a regular responsibility for you as a Tax payer. As you know, it involves a huge paper work, calculations, statements and so much more. At times, when you come across any errors, you need to redo the groundwork. But Thanks to Internet technology and software programs that quickly run you through the process to say that your IT Return is filed.

The following are the Top 10 Tax Return Software Programs:



Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

Many agree to say that Turbo Tax is the most easiest and convenient software program to file IT Returns. Developed in 1980s, TurboTax is an American tax preparation software package. 


Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

TaxAct is an American Tax preparation software package and it is a free member of the Free File Alliance. It is a free federal tax preparation and electronic filing program for entitled individual taxpayers.  This has been developed through a partnership between IRS and a chain of private sector tax software companies. 

Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

TaxPoint was started in 2011 and they operate offices in Delhi, Noida and Rajasthan, India offering a huge range of services in financial consultancy, business and taxation.4#TaxSlayer

Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

As many users say that it is a great software package that helps them in fast and easy preparation of IT Returns, TaxSlayer is a company that provides online tax preparation software for Americans to electronically file their federal and state income tax returns. 

Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

With several packages arranged as Basic, Deluxe and Premium, H&R Block promises you with best software and also refund for those who are single, married, family with children, own a home, investor, own properties, self-employed and those in business, H&R Block gives a unique feature of accessing the services respectively as per the need. 


Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

TaxCut creates an affordable and easy process to file Tax Returns online.  Users say that they find Taxcut most user-friendly.


Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

This is a free online service if your income is less than $56,000 a year and this package uses software from TurboTax, TaxCut and TaxACT and additionally, it is provided by IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

In just three simple steps, Express TaxRefund allows you to file Tax Return  and users find it most convenient and easy. Additionally, you get direct deposits of Tax refund. As an authorized IRS, it allows all customers to file e-returns easily.


Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

As an IRS approved E-File provider Free Tax USA is a top rated software and many users find it most affordable. 


Top 10 Tax Return Software Packages

As users find it as a great software for filing Tax returns, OLT is most commonly in use.


While there are additional Tax Return software packages like Tax Simple, Complete Tax, Tax Brain, My Tax Back, SAG InfoTech, One Price Taxes and Tax Mann's One Solution software, users continue to choose according to their own requirement for filing Tax Returns.

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