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Top 5 Steps to find your article online in Google

Browsing to find products, valuable information and finding articles online is the major job done by many visitors. Google search bar can accommodate both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Be very specific about what you are looking for and type in Google search bar. Following are the top 5 steps to find your article online quickly.

1. Choose primary keyword

Pick your primary keyword first and it should be followed by the next word. For example, if you want to download resume templates, type download
Resume templates. This will display good results in the first page always successfully.

2. Short-tail keywords  - e.g Find best shoes online

 Short-tail keywords are quickly searched for and Google search bar quickly displays results in the first instance whether on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Make sure to choose the correct keyword and start your search.

3. When to use long-tail keywords? E.g. Remedy and relief from headache

When you are curious about a particular issue, type more t…

Top 10 tips for choosing SEO keyword with low competition for your article

SEO competition is very high and this may turn down your blog or website. To stay successful in winning the traffic online, there are top 10 guidelines to follow and win traffic successfully.

1. Check search engine results for the keyword.

2. Choose your niche and start searching for SEOkeywords.

3. Check for the competition.

4. Competition can be very high and some times, it can be very low or medium. SEOexperts state that,low competition can bring good results.

5. Start submitting SEO articles online and make a bulk submission as SEO keywords used begin to show up in search results.

6. Check the traffic improved and you can surely rely on the work and performance given by SEO keywords.

7. Repeat the process of selecting low competitive keywords and start working on the results.

8. Rely on the results of low competitive SEO keywords.

9. Continue the practice until traffic is guaranteed.

10. Keep a regular practice of SEO keyword articles.

Use word stream, word tracker and Google keyword tool …

Top 10 Best SEO keywords for article writing

Article writing is effective when it has researched and selected SEO keywords. With the use of Google keyword tool you can short list and select the keywords and outline your article.

Publish ten articles per day

In order to have your online presence, work at least on 10 articles per day with the selection of 5 SEO keywords per article. Select one topic/ niche and write all the articles in the same niche and submit to directories.

Top 10 SEO keywords for article writing

Low competitive SEO keywords are quite profitable to win traffic. So use the following keywords in your article and write interesting content.

1. Articles online
2. Submit articles
3. Article submission
3. Free article
4. Free articles
5. Post articles online
6. Submit article
7. Online article. Free online articles
8. Magazines online
9. Rewrite article online
10. Article directory online

Write outline first

Outline helps to write your article very fast. The more ideas you have for an interesting article, the better are your vi…