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7 Articles Online To Read About Article Writing

Success in article writing to earn regular income can be a very easy process, if you have learnt the most important objectives of an article. While good English grammar, writing style and vocabulary are equally important, you will definitely seek to write more and publish more.

The following guideline sources will enhance your knowledge in article writing.

1.  Write a How-to Article in 6 Easy Steps
Framing an outline, writing with high quality information along with reliable data are disclosed in the article.
2. How to write articles
Developing a clear and crisp content is detailed in this article. It will surely add more value to your article.

3. Article in 20 Minutes

Writing fast is a very good gift. This article explains how an article can be written?very fast by providing the checklist and guideline

4. How to write an article

Exploring new methods, tips and a complete guideline is offered to write articles efficiently.

5. How To write a great online article 6 tips from raintodays …

21 Questions Before Publishing Your Article

Article writing is an achievement for many and passion for some. Spending plenty of time to create a high quality article has always been the routine. Otherwise, the results are definitely poor and may be there is no probability of conversion.

So for a beginner venturing into a career in article writing lay several challenges. With or without training, many have attained success. But the route map for hard work is very clear.

The biggest question is,  why are you publishing this blog post or an article?  What is your plan of action to develop this article. While there may be a scope for many more questions, the following is the guideline to have answers before finishing the article.

1. Why are you writing this article?

2. Who are your audience?

3. What do you want the readers to know?

4. Are you an expert in this niche?

5. Are you providing single or multiple solutions?

6. Do you have source of data

7.What do you think that readers should understand after reading your article?

8. Have you re…

20 Tips To Get Clicks on Your Article Title

Google clicks, SEO search, keyword search and Google search engine has much to do with your article title.  Note that there may be hundreds of articles published already on your selected topic. But still there is a scope to make it variant by choosing a unique article title.

While it is the practice of many authors to first write article title followed by the sub-heads and conclusion, you can also choose to complete the body of the article and pick your title.

The following tips enable a quick work through to hit search engine getting many views, clicks and comments.

1. Start off Writing Your Article

When you plan to write, do not wait for collecting more information. Just start off quickly and you will see the ideas begin to flow.

2. After Introduction, write sub-heads

Sub-heads are very valuable. Every sub-head gives powerful notes to the readers. Introduction should be about what you are writing about so that you have a clear notes to develop more content.

3. Write conclusion

You can …