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"Super Mario Run" gets ready for Android Phones

Super Mario Run Game around Paris : News Photo

"Super Mario" game for iPhone and iPad, has finally come along on Android after a 99-day exclusivity period with Apple, and it's really good. 
The "Super Mario Run," game is the first smartphone game of a universal  plumber with moustache. It appears like classic 2D Mario and it plays similarly.
But there's just one caution, this is not a game with pixel-perfect jumps and deep challenge. Mario moves from left to right and as foes and obstacles come in his way while making progress. But you don't in fact control the speed or direction of movement of Mario in the game.

Rather, tiny Mario instantly runs from left to right and your job is to tap the screen to take a jump. If you hold after tapping, Mario jumps slightly higher. No swiping, no virtual d-pad on-screen, no Bluetooth game pads connected to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.
You are more concerned with stamping on enemies and delicately timing your taps to jump at the right moment rather than being anxious about moving Mario forward.
But this doesn't give a fact that "Super Mario Run" is quite easy. It's much easier than the average Mario game, yet, there's still lot of challenge to unfold. If you have played "Super Mario" games, you would find it easy to complete a level in "Super Mario Run" due to the level design of enemy placement.
There are "pink coins in "Super Mario Run" game to collect as mechanic. After collecting  all five pink coins in a given level,  the level moves to five new, a bit harder to find places.
After collecting those,  the five pink coins become five bronze coins hidden in down pits, clouds and in question mark boxes, . After finding all three sets in the first few levels,  finding the final five bronze coins is a tough job.

Another row of replay value to the game's offering of 24 levels is the talent to play as a variety of other Mario characters.
As you begin as Super Mario in "Super Mario Run," there are also other friends also appear as  characters in the game. 

There are six playable characters to choose in the game and since each of the characters play uniquely - Luigi jumps higher, Princess Peach floats in the mid-air. For more excitement from the characters, you can replay levels. 

There are two modes,  "Toad Rally" and "Kingdom Builder." In the former, to collect most coins, you race against other players, stomp most enemies and play skillfully. If you perform better than the opponent, you get new followers. You go higher levels, when you have more followers and your kingdom grows big.
Both Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder are additional modes. Kingdom Builder allows you to watch the progress you're making in the game apart from just completing levels; Toad Rally permits you to invest your playing skills to play it against other players. 
For a price of $10, you get "Super Mario" game. There's a free version of "Super Mario Run" that has first three levels to play.


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