10 Ground-Breaking Tips for you to Know who can use Content Marketing & How

Serena Williams - American Professional Tennis Player who ruled the World's Tennis court on 8 occasions became World No. 1. Her fans not only move with her swing of moods in the play, but they roar with joy when she takes most difficult ball coming from her opponent. She hits right always and doesn't miss anytime.  Notice her stunning effort to reach ball.(photograph). She is a wonder woman.

Serena Williams - World No.1 American Tennis Player

Her preparation is viral and so strong. 

So, also for a business to implement content marketing - planning is definite. 

Do you think like a publisher? Who should use content marketing? To grab the interest and grow returning customers to your website, you need to use content marketing. With wide expansion in business growth on Internet, there are nearly 4-5 types of businesses in operation. These are - Home-Business, home-based business, small business, SMEs, large enterprise business houses. 

8-ways to Learn Content writing for Business Presence Online - Part II of II

If you to get clicks, sales and inquiries, from your website, that's how your business expands.  Since this is cyberspace and it all happens through Google search engine, you need content marketing for the purpose of SEO, SMM and SEM. 

8-ways to Learn content writing for business presence online - Part I of II

Audience search for information, data and conduct interest-based research (For the purpose of online shopping).  Customers buy through smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop. Nearly 51% of Americans prefer to shop online and 96% of Americans have made at least one purchase online in their tenure of service. It's expected that global online retail sales would reach 8.8% of total retail spending in 2018 as against 7.4% in 2016.

Selling online is a skill to market content. Creating value for the benefit of people, earning trust, credibility, loyalty and authenticity is the primary goal of content marketing.  It educates, brings awareness, provides information and enables decision-making.  Mostly used by B2B and B2C and this includes all types of businesses. Content sparks customer engagement in the process of buying cycle.

8-Effective Tips for you while preparing emotional content

To market content via content marketing, a business can follow several techniques of content to reach its audience in the right direction. These are -

- Social Media

- Email Newsletters
- Blogs
- White papers
- Article marketing
- Case studies
- Online video
- Promoting content online
- Webinars
- eBooks
- Podcasts
- Digital magazines
- Mobile content

As there are no hard-and-fast rules, be ready to experiment initially and evaluate the results. Examine what works for your business and what doesn't.  Prepare guidelines basing on the results drawn.

Why content marketing is the future of Marketing for your business
The Dos' for Video content marketing

Video content marketing is creative and it's all about images and audio content. Prepare a video that works for your business and yields positive rating. 

- Keep the video timing to a maximum of 2 minutes.

- Discuss relevantly 
- Generate interesting conversation
- Give a conclusion
- Explain with examples

7 Facts to know in video marketing

How to work on Content marketing ideas

Apart from working on content and publishing platforms, you also need to distribute content.  Take Hubspot for example - it sends subscription emails to nearly 70,000 who wish to read their email newsletters. With over 100,000 followers on Twitter, the company spends very little for sales and marketing.

So, experiment and find out what model of content marketing works effectively for your business.  Understanding the needs of customers is crucial for the success of content marketing.

Ways to Launch Best content marketing

Sell, engage, share, interact and provide most compelling content and products and that's how trust and loyalty of customers is earned for your brand.

Keep the following in view while planning best content marketing.

- Know your audience

- Prepare your message
-Plan frequency 
- Work on editorial calendar
- Prepare content elements
- Choose user-generated content
- Write editorial and avoid opinions
- Own personas

How content marketing drives sales?
Do you have a Content marketing blog?

Writing for blog is a unique opportunity and visitors at your website show their interest to click on your blog to find out about latest news / events happening in your business. So, update your blog weekly once.  Ensure to keep the content entertaining and share stories that inspire and generate enthusiasm. Facts speak loud on blog.  Maintain a practice to inform and educate.

Know about 3 valuable aspects of content marketing

Why do content marketing performs high 

First benefit is - content marketing costs less and generates leads more than 3-times.  Nearly 88% of B2B marketers implement content marketing in their marketing strategies. Finally, conversion rates are very high with content marketing.  At least 73% of organizations hire for managing content marketing strategy.

The Power of Content Marketing

Online marketing content or content marketing have vast potential to upgrade the performance of a business. The attribute of success is due to heavy scope of choosing platform, channel, type of content and marketing strategy.  Specifically the SEO and SEM deliver guaranteed results. 

How to choose Content marketing topics

That sweet spot, topic of conversations for a year will enable to create most value-driven content.  In fact the topics make the preparation of content simpler. The topics that inspire, change and motivate audience, grow business and most of the topics are customer-centric. Additional guideline is -

- What are the questions of your customers pertaining to your business?

- What are the categories that you wish to set up for your blog?
- Content writing ideas for white paper, ebook, case study, video script etc.,

Based on the topics - select SEO keywords and include in the title  as well.

How to gain expertise in content marketing online

Know about Content marketing terms

Navigation through the content marketing also calls for an overall view to use content marketing terms.  These are - 


Buyer Persona
Clickthrough Rate
Conversion Rate
Crowdsourced content
Data-backed content
Dynamic content
Editorial Calendar
Evergreen content
Experimental content
Inbound Link
Landing pages
Lifecycle stages
Social optimization
Visual content

Integrate Content Marketing

Integrated content marketing calls for a closer-association with audience and to achieve in that manner, several phases are prescribed. These are -  Understand - Discover - Prioritize - Plan - Optimize - Monitor.

For every phase of integrated marketing enables nearer customer experience that helps business to attract customers. So, it begins with - understanding a customer and ends with monitoring the results.

Content marketing techniques

While promoting your business with content marketing - choose techniques differently that boost not only traffic, but also build your brand and reputation. These are -

- Blogging

- Press Release

- Webinar

- eBooks

- Email marketing

- Testimonials

- Infographic

- Videos

As technique works differently, with content marketing strategy, it works effectively and produces good results.  Using different types of content marketing will drive towards popularity, sales and profits.


The answer for who can use content marketing - comes as universal. Any business owner can choose a type of content market that's most ideal for his/her business. Applying it with certain tested experiments or choosing most common type will promise results.