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Top 20 SEO Checklist for Business Marketing

SEO keyword plays a pivotal role for every online business. As searches on Google rise every day, the keyword gets a high rank with every search recorded. SEO or search engine optimization offers a lot of credibility to the success of a business online. Implementing  and integrating a profitable SEO keyword can fetch a lot of traffic and customers.

1. Use Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool offers profitable SEO keywords ideal for input in your website, article and blog.  Choose low search keywords and insert within the article with 3-4% keyword density. Never fill the article with excessive usage of SEO keywords but limit the use to an extent. Frame interesting and meaningful content for inviting the online readers.

2. Write long articles

1000-2000 word count article would be necessary to publish in your account regularly. This will have a good readership, traffic and boosts your online business. Selling a product, service or publishing a new interesting article will definitely …