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Top 10 Largest Banks and Banking economy

The 1000 banks in the world have assets worth $ 96.4 Trillion  while the profits have declined by 85% to $ 115 Billion.  Mobile banking, Internet banking and online transactions have enhanced the banking system in 21st century. E-commerce trade and SSL (Social Security Layer) have strengthened the privacy of saving bank accounts.

 Digitization has changed the retail-banking business providing heavy access to the customers to operate online transactions, from booking a hotel reservation to buying a pair of shorts, almost anything product can be purchased from and This great convenience has brought excellent comfort to many Internet users who do online shopping, pay bills and transfer money.

While there are still many areas for improvement like bringing down interest rates and providing loans with liberal terms and conditions that can help millions of customers to have financial security, retail banking has been growing on a fast pace.

Commercial banks have been pa…

Earn Selling Articles Online: 3 Reliable Sources

With voluminous growth in freelance writing, there is heavy competition in the freelance market. Education, experience, skills, expertise and professionalism to deliver quality work has been a great concern for hires.

There will never be a zero scope for freelance writing career or building your article  writing business. An important fact is, there is a lot of emphasis on content marketing and other product promotion ideas.

Therefore, having a wide collection of expert will definitely prove valuable.

Although there are thousands of writing projects, not all successful writers get access to it. Having started a career in writing, there may be no turning back with so many creative writing opportunities online. There are many tools to succeed.

While there are many online magazines, guest blog websites who invite authors, there is definitely may be a scope where you never get paid for your work.

There are many alternatives to succeed online and one of the best ways is to sell your artic…

5 Steps to Business Strategy Success and Revenue

Content marketing strategy is no surprise for many marketers online who develop hundreds of pages for Internet businesses. The time frame for producing strategic results may be immediate or may take some time. All in all, businesses wait for fast generation of leads, traffic, sales and revenue.

The fast working formula is a serious secret for many and there may even be doubting Thomas to prove whether the marketing strategy would work or not. In spite of having hundreds of content marketing professionals, there is no guarantee that the SEO, SERP, SEM and social media marketing would produce 100% results.
The primary reason being, an online business can never reach every customer.

Audience are categorized as traffic, prospects and customers and preparing the content appropriately for all has to be in the interest of targeted traffic. Customer first is an important prescription to be followed until customers begin to identify your business and start buying them.

The five facts matter mo…

3 Content Marketing Facts to Know About AtomicWriter and How To Reach Your Target Audience

As content marketing has become  prioritized, many startups and enterprises are in search of an effective content writer or content strategist. Although freelance writers are at the height of their career, there is a constant struggle to identify the skill, writing style, and markup of writing styles.

On the other hand, the freelance market has reached millions, there are a few hundreds of freelance writers who promote their work via blogs, but do not see any traffic and customers to get hired.

Why? While the reasons may be many, the path to success is not too far away especially when you use AtomicWriter.

What is content marketing

Content marketing is about how you develop web content, white papers, product descriptions; and content management in social media and digital marketing.
The selection of words, framing of sentences and your pattern of writing can leave a greater impact on your audience that will either leave you winning or losing.
In fact, the online business market exists…

5 Statistical Reasons to have Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing reports by SmartInsights that nearly 80% of audience have a smartphone and the usability as a daily practice is actually dominating the life style of audience.

Technology innovation has improved the business functioning to educate consumers with better means and sources of social media. YouTube has risen as a source of influence marketing while content marketing is an  effective tool to be found easily on search engine.

With the launch of Google RankBrain Algorithm, there is more significance on AI (Artificial Intelligence) which handles "a large fraction" of search results giving more scope for machine learning to analyze search engine queries. However, this new algorithm helps the users to give a better presentation and designing of pages to load quickly enhancing user experience.

Statista indicates that by 2020 there will be 9,038 million mobile users. This fact casts a greater responsibility on mobile marketers to develop effectively working text ads tha…

7 Facts To Know in Video Marketing

Hubspot infographic  and Guardian state that at least 69% of consumer traffic will be coming from video marketing. So what comes first in a couple of years  and that is definitely video marketing.

YouTube being the biggest reliable free video marketer, it records over a billion views and at least 1/3 of Internet population uses YouTube for watching videos. Nearly 80% of views are from outside U.S and YouTube is available in 76 different languages. The age group stands between 18-49 who click on videos. The growth in video views has grown by 40% since 2014.

This confirms a fact that there is a great impact on audience who prefer to watch a video either for cooking, knitting, product advertising and marketing.

1. Consumer Time Management

Fast moving trends have transformed the life style of consumers. With Internet in homes, entertainment is very near to watch videos. Many families make it a habit to watch a video as a family time fun. So also, for buying products, preference is given t…

17 Titles Ideas on Structured Settlement For Sale


Audience are in search of latest updates on the most important area of structured settlement. It deals with a lot of savings and investment. Conveying the right information to the customers becomes a priority.

What is structured settlement

"A legal settlement paid out as annuity rather than in a lump sum, usually with certain tax advantages for the recipient and a savings for the payer"

Structured Settlement is in practice in Australia, Canada, England and the U.S.
In the U.S, special tax rules in Public Law 96-473, the Periodic Payment Settlement Tax Act 1982 has adopted structured settlement to help injured victims and their families with their financial support. Since then Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C.104(a)(2) and 130 have been in effect.

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, Congress enabled structured settlements for worker's to cover physical injuries occurred at the workplace.

This "arrangement" requires the following to qualify for the settlement:

- Plaintiff can opt…