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10 Tips to Sell Your Articles Online

As a freelance writer with excellent experience in writing, you have the opportunity to sell your articles online. Article directories and product selling companies look for high quality articles that promote products. If you have good writing skills, there is a lot of scope for you to start making money selling articles.

There are few tips you need to make a note of before offering article sale. These are as follows:

1.Article Titles Extend Scope for sale

One of the biggest secret of successful sales is to know how to provide a title for an article. It should be very interesting creating a need for customers to buy an article. Working on article title is almost of 50% of hard work and other 50% is developing an article that delivers value to the sale.

2. Deliver Quality Information

Online articles are a free source and the traffic heavily relies on accessing the free content already available in article directories. There will always be a question as to why your articles should be purchased. Your articles for sale must be completely latest and originally written to impress customers.

True that there will always a search for articles and if you can win the confidence of clients your articles will get sold very quickly.

3. Write High-in-Demand articles

If you have noticed Google search engine, there will be hundreds and thousands of searches with keywords and this is all about finding information on websites.  Take research online and prepare a list of keywords to develop articles. Make sure that the content you are developing is widely unique and helps customers.
The reason for writing high demand articles is to deliver more valuable, rich and latest content to the customers who are in search of information that they are most in need of.

4. Write Low Trend Articles

If you have noticed online, there are few trends that do not receive any hits at all and these could be either business, consumer products or entertainment. Find out about low trends and develop content that conveys about the importance and significance of specific topic and this will inn fact create a lot of sales as customers are encouraged to buy your articles.

5. Read Published Articles online

Taking time to read articles published online improves your knowledge and it will provide a guideline to choose article selling topics. Have at least 4-5 article directories to read articles and make a list of l articles you plan to write and a layout of information and content to include.

6. Write Expert Articles

If you prove to be an expert in writing articles, your information and content will be relied upon with the fact that you take a lot of research to write quality and informative articles. Work hard to collect latest updates and develop engaging content that satisfies the buyers of your articles.

7. Participate in forums

If you are popular in a forum, orders for buying articles will be flowing regularly. Because of the fact that, members in forums discuss and detail their writing needs and looking for buyers, sellers, writers and jobs to assign.
Choose popular article selling forums and start inviting the buyers to buy your articles. Fix your price and offer the option of negotiation.

8. Build Client List

If you have been a very busy writer and plan to offer services to your clients for a longer period of time,  write emails and discuss about their requirements. Express that you can guide them with their needs by building suitable content that they can use it daily for business growth. Submit most proven plans and content writing. Your work will be appreciated.

9. Publish Articles Regularly

Vivid reading and widely publishing are two very important factors for the success of a writer. Have membership in one or more publishing websites and publish regularly on wide variety of topics that interests you. Build your audience and invite them to your blog or website.

10. Advertise Your Writing Services

Google ads is most comfortable and convenient ad source. Set your budget and start advertising your services. Provide your blog or website and invite audience to call you and know about buying articles.


If you plan to do it, you will be knowing how to go about your plan.  Your effort may not be enough to win your audie9nce and that is the time when you need to invest more efforts to sell your articles online.


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