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How to write introduction for article

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Introduction for an article very important for the success of your article. It must have definite groundwork and a bottom line of effort to work on the article. If the opening paragraph is not interesting, audience will never stay on your page.

If you really want to get good results for your article, you need to give more focus on introduction paragraph.
 Particularly, if you are a freelance writer, your words, grammar and sentence framing is more accountable for making more income.

What are the interesting features of an introduction?

- Write briefly what are those points of discussion in your article and how you plan to write.

- Limit your content to one or two paragraphs

- Ensure to maintain the consistency or relevance of your article title aligned with introductory content

- Make it a point to persuade your readers to stay on the article after reading introduction

- Write briefly what readers will be able to learn in the article or their can solve their problems
-  Emphasis on why the information is so relevant and equally important for readers

- Write briefly why your article is relevant with the topic

- Create your authority over your article that even invites not only regular readers, but also busy readers.

Organized information in introduction will help the readers to go through the article and further make the content more shareable and likeable.

The thought process for writing introduction:

- Write your first line and write next line, what you wish to tell your audience

- Write a draft introduction or have a rough sketch about an overall view

- Now assess, analyze, examine, evaluate the content written and start making corrections.

- Know that time assigned to the correction is likely to bring more valuable results to the creation of an interesting introduction.

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