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Human-centered content: What, When, Where, Why and How

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The latest buzz is “Content is a kingdom” on Internet. In this kingdom, there are many businesses operating as SMEs or large enterprises. They want to retain a chunk of attention to drive their customers. But a guest post in Virtual CEO says that nearly 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups fail within first 120 days

Why is this happening with most widely available marketing tools and social media channels? Internet live stats indicate that in just one second, there are 7,175 tweets
This article gives a special emphasis on human-centered approach towards content creation with in-depth analysis and unique content marketing strategies.

What is human-centered approach?

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Human-centered approach to business in content marketing is very creative with an attempt to solve problems and advice solutions that combine the three stages - inspiration, ideation and implementation.
-         Inspiration conveys a comprehensive understanding about customer needs as the process of designing goes on
-         Ideation produces the results of learning, opportunities available for design and model of solutions
-         Implementation brings solutions to customers and market
Definition of human-centered design

“An approach to systems design and development that aims to make interactive systems more usable by focusing on the use of the system and applying human factors/ergonomics and usability knowledge and techniques.” (ISO 9241-210 – Ergonomics of Human Centered System Interaction)

There are multi-billion dollar companies Apple, Google, Facebook, Lego, IKEA who already implemented human-centered design in their system.

The above approach is very innovative as the results of this effort explore more about prospective customers.

This is the most important stage where entrepreneurs fail for lack of human-centered design.

For example, there is a new start-up planning to supply breakfast, lunch and dinner through their website.

Mere launch of their website, does not guarantee that there will be an upscale in sales and profits. This is exactly where human-centered approach makes an entry with the formula of three stage viz., inspiration, ideation, and implementation

-         Targeted audiences who require supply of breakfast and how busy are they to avoid    
         cooking. Example. Office goers, students, working moms
-         How much of time do they have for breakfast preparation?
-         What are their interests, favorites and likes for breakfast
-         Will they prefer door delivery
-         Why will they prefer door delivery
-         How much are they willing to pay for breakfast
-         What are their favorite tasty recipes and will the fast food center be able to prepare
-         Will it satisfy them and will they come back to place more orders
-         What kind of food packing is required for customer satisfaction

The above model of human-centered approach should be actively apparent in content marketing and also in delivering services to customers.

While working on content marketing, the ideas prepared in above stages should be discussed and highlighted and this is also a part of contextual design.

What is content marketing?

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While there are many definitions for content marketing, the following is very popular and well defined.

“ Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” (Content Marketing Institute)

How does human-centric content marketing work for positive results?

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While there are many ways to achieve timely results from content marketing strategies this article gives a special emphasis on human-centric content that goes viral to invite buyers. What happens every minute on the web, is quite alarming to  note about the series of occurrences and add to the value for information searched on Internet.

  • Google records 4 million search queries
  • Facebook members share 2.46 million snippets of content
  • Nearly 204 million email messages are delivered

As content marketing is getting harder with time, it is equally important to choose a unique content marketing strategy in long form of content type that promotes business to achieve 
 targeted audience directly and draws 100% good response. What are those content types?

-         Article publishing
-         SEO writing
-         Blog post publishing
-         White papers
-         Free e-books
-         Reviews

The above type of content is targeted for information seekers, customers with needs and regular buyers. A set of data reveals that nearly 67 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews and at least 81 percent of shoppers conduct online research before buying.

Content Strategist, Kristina Halvorson, author of “Content strategy for web” said “If your content is for everybody, then it really is for nobody.”

It emphasizes more to develop content for a set of targeted audience and this is exactly what human-centered approach is all about to achieve conversions and leads.

Particularly for B2B content marketing must have certain objectives, goals and CTAs to inspire audience.

Prior to the writing of content the following questions must be analyzed:

-         What is the purpose
-         What results are expected out of this
-         Will CTA add value
-         What is the goal
-         What is the point-of-view
-         Has it been published already
-         What should be the word count
-         Will this content meet search queries of targeted audience

Good quality content receives comments, likes and shares and it also gets indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Human-centered content is more interactive and communicates the thought process in a wave of logic, which is mostly sought-after.

Therefore any content that has one or more lacking areas of the above discussed points, will stay static with zero results. The main goal of this article is to highlight the criteria of human-centered approach for content creation and content marketing.

Word count of content can be anywhere between 400 to 2000 words and it is always good to write a long form of content. This gives a better scope to write more details about the topic and there is more opportunity to create engaging content.

With growing businesses and busy Internet activities, Internet live stats indicate mounting volume of content.

What is the significance of wisdom in buying psychology?

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“Aristotle argued that the only the person with defined purpose of life could be wise and added that the best end of someone’s life is happiness. On the other hand, Plato argued that the best end of life is good life” (Excerpt from the book Research on ICT for Health care and social care)

Here is a question

Can these two arguments be applied to the modern day thinking?

So, what is wisdom?

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Every person is who is active and mentally healthy definitely has some rank of wisdom in planning, thinking and making decisions. Wisdom is not about knowledge, but it is a virtue and it is defined as an ability to make sensible judgments and choices. Therefore, one can be understood as a person of knowledge but not wise or vice versa.

Further, wisdom is not a synonym for intelligence as intelligence bestows few abilities to solve problems. Wisdom enables to make final good decisions smartly among the available options.

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Wisdom is like a plant that requires regular nurture to grow.
(Reference Research on ICT for Health care and social care)

So, how a common man is able to achieve well-being, health, wisdom and care when he or she is confronted with many challenges in life such as, unemployment, sickness, financial concerns and many other. In this scenario, the next stage of health care occurs. 

Different stages in life bring various risks, wants and needs and producing content that is helping to resolve contributes to the success of human-centered and this is quite significant  in business.

If I have to choose for reading high quality news articles, I would type the keyword in Google search bar and view the results. Forbes, Time, Guardian, CNN, BBC or any other high quality website pops up, I click on that link and visit the website to read articles. The strong underlying fact is - Content quality – reliability and reputation.

There are also very popular high quality magazines that include:
-         Cosmopolitan
-         Glamour

Exactly, the same is applied for content marketing for business. The quality of content should be highly interesting and readers should be able to find problem-solving techniques. In that scenario, content will definitely speed up for high number of views.

To develop human centered content, the following areas analysis is required. Since there is more focus to generate sales, businesses follow this formula to influence the buyer with buying psychology and behavior.

-         Personas
-         Scenarios
-         Insight Research
-         Interaction scenario modeling
-         Mental models


If content is really helpful and solving the problems of readers, it gets shared, saved for future reference. Therefore creating good content it itself human-centered.

Poor quality content indicates high bounce rates, few sessions and low average time on page.

The fact that quality of the content is good does not guarantee whereas it should offer one or more practically working solutions to the visitors and in order to achieve this goal, real time content need to be applied.

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